Lord, My Constant Prayer These Days

Published by Deborah Negron – Servant of God


The way I want to pray…

Not my will but yours Lord. Not my human desires but those you have placed in my heart according to your purpose and divine plan for my life.

I pray for provision. I am in need of you. I would say Lord, you have given me a time of Selah, not by own choosing but your divine intervention.

You have brought me here the hard way, you have closed the doors and opened my understanding to recognize that I am not my own.

I am but a servant. Void of authority and of power. I am but clay and you alone are the Potter. I am a Canvas, blank and frayed. I need repair. There is no color, nor hue, unless you color my life with gladness. There is no form or design lest I submit to your hands.

I am that vessel that was crushed in your own hands. I am that one that was of little use to others… You broke me…. yet you saw fit to make me again. (Jeremiah 18).

So, I pray, have your way. You provide as it is in your will for me. Too often, I have asked for specific things. Things that were temporal and came and went and did not satisfy the soul.

Lord, but now…

In this season of my life, I am asking, Lord, you know what I have need of. The Sparrow has its nest. The lillies are dressed beautifully. You provide for every living creature. You know best.

Thus, Lord provide according to your will for my life. Provide direction, desire, purpose and the road map as well.
I would want to be useful in your hands and not hindered from speaking the truth.

You alone are the truth. You alone our our blessed hope. You know when to wound and when to be the balm that soothes and heals. (Job 5:18).

So, as it is, in your Sovereign will, Provide for me and mine.

Let not my hands be idle.. Let not my feet go astray. Let me not be consumed with what wearies the mind and troubles the soul.

Let my hope be in you. Let my life be for you. Let my days honor you in every deed and word, let me glorify you.

I pray. I pray I would not be prideful nor humiliated. I pray, I would honor you Lord in all that you allow me to do.

For every ability, capacity, talent and strength, I may posses comes from you. You alone are the Author of my days and the sustainer of my life.

If there is a skill it is for your plan. If there is a lack, it is to keep me close and reliant on you alone. It serves to remind me I am but dry and empty lest you fill me.

Let me not think too far, that I plan absurdly. Let me not project an Idea that is not yours.

Give me the dream and the wherewithal to fulfill you goals for me. I am but your vessel. I am nothing more.

I need your breath to live and your strength to thrive. I need your song to sing and to be in tune and in harmony with your Spirit.

Keep my feet from falling. I am undone and incapable without your grace. In you alone I am made whole. Lead me to the water of life. The one that never runs dry. Lead me to the grace that enables me to walk in your confidence and be kept in your path.

Let me be useful, let my life matter for your glory. For I know, for this very thing, I was born. I was born for this time and this place. Let my time not be a waste.

No earthly gains can substitute your divine election. No job, no position, no person and no decision, can be better than remaining at your feet awaiting the day when my eyes will see you face to face.

I long for the day when my song will be eternal and the harmonies of heaven, I will join to praise your name alone, forevermore.

Your love, your mercy, your grace unending…

Your compassion and your loving kindness is more than I deserve.

You alone are worthy, the Maker of all things. You are Holy and righteous and merciful un to those you have chosen.

To think of it all, is too much for me. The heavens cannot describe the magnitude of your power. The earth demonstrates your glorious design. The time you took to form each living thing and to speak life.

The mercy that is ours, even though you knew humanity would fail, before you formed mankind. Yet you made us anyway. (Genesis 3)

Oh, the greatness of your love. My words fail me.

So, I simply pray, lacking the eloquence needed to express my heart with words….

I ask, that you have your way in me. Perfect the image of Christ in my life. Close my mouth and make me dumb, if I am to speak foolishly. Open my lips to shout, and proclaim, when I am compelled to speak of your wonderful name.

Let me be found without blame, without spot or wrinkle… your bride ready when you appear for us. (Ephesians 5:27)

So, while I am here, hear me Lord, and be My All in All.


So help me to pray in this regard.
Thank you.

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