¿Tienes tranquilidad? ¿Conoces hacia donde vas?

Publicado por Hna. Deborah Negron- Hija de Dios Junio 27, 2022 Y cuando esto corruptible se haya vestido de incorrupción, y esto mortal se haya vestido de inmortalidad, entonces se cumplirá la palabra que está escrita: Sorbida es la muerte en victoria. ¿Dónde está, oh muerte, tu aguijón? ¿Dónde, oh sepulcro, tu victoria?1 Corintios 15:54‭-‬55... Continue Reading →

My Prayer is For You Today

My Prayer For YouPublished by Deborah Negron M.A., B.S.Deborah Negron - Life Coach & Counselor June 17, 2019 I pray for every hurting home, every broken heart and every hurting family.I pray for every individual who is feeling lost and alone and afraid and has anxiety. I pray for each and every woman, man and... Continue Reading →

What’s the News?

Hey, there are some good answers ya need to know aMommy. Published by Deborah Negron- Child of God We have all asked these questions at one time or another. Why must the bad things come. Why must evil happen. Why does suffering come?We all have asked ourselves these questions. Yet when we look at scripture... Continue Reading →

Me and My House

Don't ya mess with my kids! Published by Deborah Negron - Child of GodJune 13, 2022. These days our kids are bombarded with too much too fast. There is an over reaching arm of evil permeating our society. So Moses and Aaron went in to Pharaoh and told him, “This is what the Lord, the... Continue Reading →

Hey, Did You Hear The Latest News?

Published by Sister Deborah Negron - Child of God June 10, 2022 Did you know?Did anyone inform you? Did you not become aware of what is going on?Listen, let me give you some news. Let me tell you all about it. We are hearing too many heartbreaking news of late.We are hearing of all these... Continue Reading →

He Wants You Too…

He sees you Trying So Desperately to Belong…Yet the Lord says to you… I Love You Already. Published by Deborah Negron - Child of God Being associated with an organization for the sake of their prestige and their social status is a dangerous place to be. Spritually speaking, the closer we want to be to... Continue Reading →

Am I Real?

Do I Shine For YouOr Am I Fooling Myself? Published by Deborah Negron - Child of God June 8, 2022 The pervasiveness of levity and a lukewarm spirit is sweeping over the church of Christ.We sing songs of praise but true worship is not found in our hearts.We prepare, we rehearse as if serving God... Continue Reading →

Good News – He Does Care

Did You Know He is Aware and Does Care? Published by Deborah Negron - Child of GodJune 3, 2022 The Lord hears the prayers and the groaning of his children. He is ready to deliver. Ready to save. He is prepared to come and make all things new. In the midst of life's trials we... Continue Reading →

¿Cual Es Mi Fruto?

¿Que ven en mi?Que demuestro con mi vida? ¿Habrá evidencia del Cristo en mi? ¿Soy portador de su gracia? ¿Me conduzco como hijo de Dios? ¿Amo como he sido amado? ¿Y dime, que fruto hay? Publicado por Hna. Deborah Negron Junio 1, 2022 Por la mañana, volviendo a la ciudad, tuvo hambre. Y viendo una... Continue Reading →

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