My Prayer Today Lord, I Need You Lord, Still.

My Mind is clear today, It is in you I find my worth Lord.

We stand before you Lord conscious of that truth. Out side of you we can do nothing.
We know that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.
James 1 :17

If we have done anything at all that holds value, anything at all that has merit, it is in Him we have moved.
For even the very breath in our lungs belongs to Him.
Oh my soul stands naked before you Lord. My eyes have witnessed the mercy and the grace you have given unto men. Life has been clear to demonstrate that you are more than gracious and kind.
You have not given us according to what we truly deserve.
Our feet have wavered from the truth at times. But your mercy is new every morning. You give us new opportunities to come and bow before you and acknowledge our faults and our shame. You are slow to anger and graciously provide the wherewithal to cause us to consider our ways. You invite us to come and repent. You show us not only the disease but you bring the salve, the balm and the healing for our condition. You invite us in to your presence and remind us, that we must unloose our shoes. You draw us to leave off every weight that so easily besets us. Our feet stand on our own ideas and our oen criteria for survival. But you invite us to remove the thoughts that hinder us from trusting in you. These things we have stood on all our lives that have alienated us from coming to the realization that your love for us is true.
You invite us to fellowship and intimacy. You invite us to your table so that we may be your very own.

that we may be your sons and daughters oh Father in heaven; for you make your Sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and you send rain on the just and on the unjust.
(Matthew 5:45)

You have shown us kindness that is not comparable to any we have been shown. For you call us out of darkness in to your light.
You extend tha arm of salvation regardless of the depth of our sin.
My sin is always before my eyes. I recall every choice and every rebellion. Yet you have said that as far from the east is from the west you have removed our sin from us.
You have separated us from it. Washed us clean.
Yet, Lord, let me be clear.
My sin is constant. For my pride blinds me from coming to the place of repentance freely.
It is because of your mercy, that I am able to look and consider my wrongs. It is because of your Spirit that guides me to examine my failures and shortcomings that I am able to have the scales fall from mine oen eyes.

Humanity has failed miserably. We have all gone astray.
We have all fallen short of your glory.

each one has turned to his own way; and the LORD has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all.
Isaiah 53:6

Yet with loving kindness you have drawn us to yourself.
Humanity has ignored your Word. It has gone to the lengths of declaring with their own mouths that they will decide their own form and their own design. Fools.
We have all been fools to think that our actions do not have eternal consequences. Judgement and wrath are a product of mankinds desire to be like God.

Yet Redemption and grace is the offer you are made. Forgiven3ss and reconciliation is your desire.

You choose the foolish and the weak ones to demonstrate that you alone are the giver of life. You oh Lord, you alone can bring salvation and cleansing, forgiveness and mercy, healing and clarity, wisdom and understanding.

I was a fool to think that my ways were better. I was blinded by my own sin. Devoid of reason.

Oh God, naked, frail, weak, broken and without any value is the truth of my state. My condition is clearly before me. There is no good in me.

Yet your grace shows me a different picture. Your grace allows my eyes to see your great love for me. Your great love is demonstrated for all humanity.
The Manger, the Cross and the Empty tomb serve as reminders of the eternal choice you made before 5he world began. You seek to save that which was lost.
You are compassionate and forgiving. You are able to understand that our frame and our lives are bust made of dust.
Yet the value we hold in you is great.
Your very breath is in us. Your presence is accessible becuae you made us in your image. The pouring of your love was seen clearly on Calvary’s hill. You came and took on human Form.
For you so loved the world, the very work of your own hands.
You came and became flesh and surrendered your life on that cross, to secure that the debt for our sin was fully paid.
Jesus! I am not worthy to stand before you.
I am but a sinner at best, every one of my inclinations are selfish.
Humanity is full of self and wanting recognition and power and dominion over others. We all have failed to see that left to our own devices we would truly annihilate ourselves.

Yet, somehow, you have placed in us the attributes that you have.
Love, kindness, nurturing and the desire to have community. You cause humanity to have to be interdependent. This too is an act of mercy. Because we cannot go it alone. We are not islands.
We are people who need people.
This is mercy. You draw us to fellowship and close proximity.
Our very lives are but dependent on the help we receive and the goods and services we can attain from others.
Every person has gifts and talents abilities and tasks they must complete in this life.
This too is mercy.
You give us purpose and meaning and this is why we are more than the dust of the ground.
You have placed eternity in us. Making us desire the things that are perpetual. Immortality is in our design.

It has been your desire that none would perish from the very start.

The pain of salvation was wrought even before Creation.
Because you knew all things. You knew that your creation would fail.
You knew Adam would wander. You understood it before it occurred.
Yet your live kept you from destroying mankind.
Your love kept the plan.
You do not waiver as we do. You are steadfast and true.

Jesus, I pray to you this morning.
I humble myself before you acknowledging my weakness and my sin. I acknowledge that I need you still. Your work in me is not complete. I need you to mold your character in me. I am but hollow lest you fill me. I am but empty and barren without your presence. If there is any good in me at all it is because you saved me. It is your love and kindness and the chords of live that drew me. It is your constant mercy that shows me the void within and my great need.

To you I surrender. I am but a sinner saved by grace.
You lift me up from the depths of despair and seat me in the heavenlies. You cause my face to shine and my life to have value. But it is your value that is seen not mine.
I am yours. I Surrender to your every hope, dream and what I have served for. I surrender every ability and and every desire. Lord, let my last days be those that bring you praise.
Forgive me for the days spent in self seeking ways. Cleanse me from self ideologies and inclinations that were not pleasing to you.
Draw me close, near to you I am secure.
This is my prayer today.
I humble myself. My pride has fooled me. It made me see things I never was. For in your alone I am whole. In your presence is my joy. In you alone my life is full. Oh Lord You alone I do Adore.

Oh God I echo the prayer of David your servant…
Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. Do not cast me away from Your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.
Psalms 51:10‭-11

This I pray.

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