I Call Her Mom

Mother’s Day – Some Memories

Published By Deborah Negron

May 12, 2019

She was always singing. She was a tough mom. She always has high expectations of all of us.

She did not ever accept a C. They had to be A’s. She would say,

To whom much is given much is required. God has given you all too much for it to be wasted.

My mom, the artisan, the perfectionist. Yet, deep inside, so much more.

She grew up in a huge family. They had been poor. They had little. Poor in possession perhaps, but rich in Love.

Mom says, her m ok m had the cleanest little house. Wooden, small, but impeccably clean.

She learned early to help carry ther weight and with a tribe of siblings she had to help. She cooked early, washed clothes by hand and hung then to fry on the line. She cared for her paraplegic brother until he passed on. She was an amazing daughter and for us a loving mom.

Mom did not really know how to play too much. But hide and go seek we did play. I loved to hear her laugh. She was always giving us what she never had herself. We had beautiful bedrooms with lovely attire and she loves the Victorian style.

Her and my dad always had the best, most elegant decor. Guests would always say how my mom made them feel such honor.

My mom, was a mother figure to so many. She says, she did not have a best friend, until she met my dad. Their love story has lasted 53 years. Still they giggle. Still, just last night my little girl and I listened as mom tickled dad. They laughed so hard, we started laughing too.

My Abi says, “Mom, They have Real Love.” I tell her, yes True Love does exist. A love I have never known myself. But i am a witness of how it holds them.

God has blessed me with an amazing mom. Today she is my Best Friend, My Confidant and My Sounding Board. She is unique. She is never vague. She tells it like it is, but always in love. If she could ease someone’s pain, she is there.

Her voice is angelic and her steadfast faith inspiring. Yup, I think when Solomon wrote about the Virtuous Woman, I think He some how had a glimpse of my mother.

Luchy Negron you are my Treasure.

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