A Brand New Canvas Of Liberty Where the Love Of God Remains

May 15, 2018

Published by Deborah Negron

All fear is gone, all guilt erased.
The Blood of Jesus still works today.
Redemption and salvation here…
For Christ has come to set captives free.

Grace showed up…
Mercy came through…
Truth and clarity and forgiveness too.
No more grudges, hate is gone.
The Lord prevailed victory was won.
No longer I but Jesus lives in me.
The chains are broken We’ve been set free.
The accuser and the accused…
The abuser and the abused.
Where sin was seen, now there is clean…
A brand new canvas of liberty.
For as we forgive
The Lord sets free the captive souls within.
Glory to God, Christ has won.
He paid my debt and took my pain.
The one who had harmed is now set free.
The one who was a victim
Has now been healed.

For God’s love prevails.
His love unveils the power of God in me.
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

So Lord your Masterpiece I’ll be… Create your purpose Lord in me.

Let your reflection be seen in me as I am yours, I’m Clean and Free.

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