Who I Am

Published by Deborah Negron

Who I am is not based on where I come from…

It is not based on who knows me…

Who I am is not some passing thought or some temporary placement.

Who I am is that person who understands their identity in Christ.

I am a carrier of blessing and a partake of the truth.

I am a soul filled with the joy of the Lord.

I am one who has be remade, restored and renwed.

I am forgiven and redeemed from the slavery of sin.

I am free to worship and free to Express that liberty in Christ.

I am not some victim any longer…

I am victorious in Christ a new creation.

I am Blood Bought,

Love Sought, Caught up in what I know is true.

I live without fear of consequence, nor fear of the days ahead.

I am secure in the bone who orders my steps and has delivered me from the stain of sin.

I am Born Again.

I am A Child of the King…

The Bride of the Bridegroom…

And the One Who Awaits the Return of the one who will come again.

Jesus I Am Yours.

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