Amor Verdadero

En El Somos Aceptos. En Cristo somos Elegidos. En El Somos Llamados a Vivir en Libertad. Somos muy amados. Publicado por Deborah Negron - Hija, Sierva, Amada por El Amado Marzo 6, 2023 Pues el propósito de este mandamiento es el amor nacido de corazón limpio, y de buena conciencia, y de fe no fingida,... Continue Reading →

We Can Get Better

The Avoidable PainWe Can Be HealedPublished by Deborah Negron - Child of God - Servant for HimMarch 3, 2023 Time to Check Our Health Too often we find ourselves in predicaments that could have been avoided. She went to the Emergency room.The pain and discomfort in her legs was quite uncomfortable.  She could not sleep... Continue Reading →

In Times of Trials He Remains

Trials Will Come But The Lord Remains With Us At All Times Published by Deborah Negron - Child of God. In his service.March 2, 2023 Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes; For the Lord will be your confidence, And will keep your foot from being... Continue Reading →

What I See In The Snow

The SnowMakes Me Know…Published by Deborah Negron It reminds me of the way my Lord has been ever so kind.I was utterly lost and Me, He did Find.I was Broken, undoneHe said to me, Come.He restored unto me Light and Life. Oh, this morning so cold…Yet for me, it is mercy, that I see poured... Continue Reading →

¿A Quien Le Cantas?

¿A Quien Diriges Tu Alabanza?Publicado por Hermana Deborah Negron - Hija de Dios - Sierva del Señor por Su Gracia.Febrero 17, 2023 La música muy bien preparada. Las armonías al punto perfecto en sus tonos y notas. Los instrumentos se escuchan con una perfección. Al oído todo tan melodioso y bello.Cantan palabras hermosas. Pero ni... Continue Reading →

Oh No! I Spilled It!

Oh No! I Spilled It! Published By Deborah Negron  -  Sister Clay - A Work In ProgressFebruary 9, 2023 This is how it went. The mug tipped. The coffee spilled. The plan went out the window.The process began, the energy level had to rise. Frustration started to creep in. Then the thought came. Lord, perhaps... Continue Reading →

Choose His Grace

Published by Deborah NegronFebruary 8, 2012 For when all the things of this life seem to overwhelm us and we find ourselves asking more questions, than finding answers ….When we toil in the daily affairs of humans and feel the sense that we are spinning all our wheels in vain….We can Be still and Know,... Continue Reading →

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