You Will Blossom in Him

Published by Deborah Negron- Child of God – Seeking to Be His Aroma, The Fragrance of His Love

April 17, 2023

In the depth of the darkness, amidst the deep soil lies a seed. That seed is not hindered by the darkness about. It continues to gather its nutrients from the roots that have sprouted. Now there is a strong root that is digging deeper still. That root is gaining strength because it is being sustaiend by that river of living water.

There, before the darkness, when it appears to others, that nothing is happeming life is developing. That strength and life is coursing through the stems that hold the capacity to sprout blossoms. In the midst of the quiteness and the supposed stillness of the night, nothing hinders the work of life occuring beneath the soil.

Within us there is the capacity to sprout. There is the capacity to develop. Faith has already been planted deep. Inside the work is being wrought. It is not our work. It is the work of our Loving God. He has caused the soil of our lives to become fertile. He has enabled there to sprout that stem and bring about that bud. The Blossoms of the newness of life have been growing. There is a purpose for these blossoms. A clear plan that seems yet unseen.

The day breaks and there before the eyes of many are the beautiful blossoms. They appeared in the midst of darkness. They did not even seem to be growing, to those who do not understand the process. But there now the world around sees the blossoms. Their beauty is lovely to the eyes. But that is not their only purpose. They are seen with the eye. They are witnesses of the power of life in the one who gave them life. They are the evidence of grace for all to see.

Their purpose is greater still. They must now not only demonstrate the life within them. They must now also allow the fragrance of their petals to fill the air. They are a sweet perfume for those who are able to come near. But there is still more. The One who gave them life, also, sends the wind of His presence to blow over them. Then that aroma carries farther and beyond the place where they first blossomed.

So, is the life of every believer, who has been able to dig deep in to the Word of God. That Word that causes the weak to become strong. That Word that empowers there to be internal, consistent growth so that more lives are given the opportunity to grow in faith.

The blossom is seen, it also has pollen, that is, then taken from the blossom by the wind of God’s Holy Spirit; to other places as these do exactly what they were created to do. These were planted with a plan and purpose. So, we, become those roots that are nourished by the water of Life found in Christ. We are nurtured and discipled in order to become that aroma that transcends and goes bwyond to touch the hearts of those who will be saved.

Lord, my prayer is, Let me blossom and help the aroma of Christ be inviting, may the fragrance of His love be comforting and the very thing that draws others to you.

For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing …

2 Corinthians 2:15


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