We Need God in America Today

March 13, 2022

March 13, 2023 Revised.

Published by Deborah Negron

Days like these cause us all to wonder….
A year like the one gone by makes us all have doubts. Yes we have seen all sad days and those that made us afraid.
No ok ne was exempt.
From the rich to the poor, the wide myriad of colors of skin and diversity of kin, in this our country within we saw and heard of calamity.
We were all touched by the loss of time with our loved ones. We were touched by the lack of physical proximity.

Our places of worship closed their doors.
The community gatherings ceased.
No hugs were given. No hugs allowed.
Yet through it all, we as people bound by the unity of our Consititution and the Pledge, we have made as a nation, that we are One Nation Under God can see, that we are still one.

We are the country whose foundation was built on th ed belief in the Almighty God who is able to help us stand. We are those people led by convictions of equality and our common desire to stay united regardless of the political divisions.

This is still the land of the free. The place where one is entitled by birth, to what is contained in the bill of rights. We are all connected by the Sovereign Lord of heaven who has allowed us to become one people though we are a body represented by diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

When I think of my faith, I am reminded that there will be those Reddeemed out of every tongue and every nation.
America is our reflection of that knowledge.
We are a bkessing to many nations across the world. Our Democracy is something to be admired and our Freedoms are such, that many people from other nations want to immigrate to our land.

Martin Luther King Jr. Had a dream…
Our forefathers had a dream.
Those Puritans tha left their own country and took the Mayfower across the ocean in search of a new beginning and a new hope, anewcountry where they could truly worship the Lord, they had a dream.
Our nation is has been the Resuer of many suffering. We have been at the forefront of defending those who are oppressed.
America has become a place where people have come to leave tyranny.
Thise who came from Cuba can tell you.
They crossed over on boats risking ther lives to come to this free land.
Those escaping poverty have come here to find their dreams ofa better life.
Yes, many ha suffered in their search.

Somehow along with the ones who would want to better their lives others have come.
Some have infiltrated our seats of education.
Some have come in envy, to destroy our way of life. Some have come to say our way of government is flawed. We areimperfect beings yet Our way of government ison3of freedom,Laws and Order.
They have come to say capitalism is something wrong and un profitable for society. They say, that they want a state of social equity. They claim to have the interests of the people. Yet, they are not of us.
They have come to a progressed nation, where a black person and a white person can both come up, work hard and make it to Harvard University and to Columbia.
People from every culture have come and enoyed the privilege to connect with their subculture and still remain American.
Little Italy, ChinaTown, The United Nations are places where we all can witness the equity of democracy.

A country where people can vote, choose and walk away from a partiularparty and still remain very much an American.

Later year were were invaded from within. Those who would choose to change our way of life. There were no bombs thrown. There were no guns fro. The outside. There were rioters from within. Thise whose ideologies differ from our forefathers. Those whose malice creeped in to destroy who we are.

I love the diversity. I love the fact that I have Japanes friends, Cuban friends, friends from England and Wales, Asian friends, Polish, Hungarian, German, Latino and Hispanic friends from Puerto Rico, Peru, Chile, Paraguay , Hinduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba. My son is married t an Italian American. My daughter to an Afro American, I love the fact that my grandson is bi racial. My family has roots from Spain and Arabs too. My great grandpa was a Sephardic Jew that came from Spain to Puerto Rico.
Somehow, we all ended up as part of this Amazing Country. Go figure. I love this land.
I was born in New York City. The Tri-State has been the place of my residence for my entire life.
I love this land. I grew up surrounded by diversity. It’s the melting pot of the world.
The United States is not a common place. It is a place where we can explore other ideas, we can agree to disagree. We have a voice and a vote.

Last year we were all struck with a pandemic. It hurt us to the core. Yet Americans are a strong people. No, not because we are any better than other nation, butvrather because we have learned to cry out to God in our day of trouble. We have learned that we stand tallest on our knees. We have cried our for revival and for forgiveness. We have stood on social platforms and declared that though we may have been restricted in some ways, our sense of community and purpose has not diminished.

Our men and women in the front lines have not just been doctors and nurses, men and women of our military or scientific researchers. No, our Men and Women of Faith have taken their platforms to Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We may have been locked away but God’s Word is not hindered.
The Pastors and Boble Teachers, Believers and Saints of God have not shut their mouths.

The Lord is the only solution for our Country. These prayer warriors have not been silenced. Jesus is still the answer to every question. He is still the hope we have even when we have faced such adversity. Our f as with has kept us strong. Because we believe God is able to restore our people.

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