We Can Get Better

The Avoidable Pain
We Can Be Healed
Published by Deborah Negron – Child of God – Servant for Him
March 3, 2023

Time to Check Our Health

Too often we find ourselves in predicaments that could have been avoided.

She went to the Emergency room.
The pain and discomfort in her legs was quite uncomfortable.  She could not sleep and lacked the strength to function.

The remedy was not medication. It was Magnesium. This happened because she did not feel hungry. So, she did not have a balanced diet. Magnesium supports so much of our bodies functions. It is important for supporting the muscles and for nerve functions. It helps to keep us energetic. Without it we become lethargic and weak. It can also help to prevent osteoporosis.  Imagine that. So, she had symptoms that were totally avoidable. Had she had a healthy diet.

He seemed anxious and irritable. Often called cranky. He seemed easliy provoked and always with a reason of some kind to be upset. Truth be told, he had  little rest. His idea of rest was sitting before the television and watching shows and flicking channels. Not wanting to miss that play by play. Football, basketball, soccer, whatever sport was playing was his go to. But he did not engage in these physically. He just sat on the couch and watched until he felt like he would drop. Falling asleep after being engaged with television or media or devices actually causes the brain to be over taxed. The mind does not stop after the TV turns off. Over stimulation of rhe brain through the images and lights and movements seen can cause there to be a restless activity in the brain. These cause a reduction in the production of melatonin, which is a natural hormone the bidy produces to help us rest and relax to be able to fall asleep. There is a blue light produced by devices that causes our normal cycles within the body to be altered. The slow wave sequence and the REM state, which is the rapid eye movement stage that occurs when one is in deep sleep. These are necessary for  cognitive and brain functions to be at the optimal capacity.

When we do not reach this stage of sleep we will wake up dragging and feeling as if in a brain fog. It can affect memory and the ability to focus. Lack of rest can cause other systems in the body to begin to fail. It can produce high blood pressure. Headaches and weakness along with anxiety and depression.

A simple fix can be, turning off all devices 2 hours before going to bed. Reading and drinking some chamomile tea or mint tea. Using a little lavendar oil on the wrists and on the temples of our heads can allow the body to relax and feel sleepy.

When the children were little, a story time book. Then lights out. A little prayer and soft music without any videos or lights on was the nightly routine.

A drink of water…
Or a glass of warm milk…
A rub of the back…
Then quiet and peacefully they would go to sleep.

That music relaxes. Those lullabies help them sleep.
Music is powerful.
It can elevate the mood. It can inspire and bring a sense of happiness. It can also depress and cause sadness. Its all in the tones and the rhythms. We can have wisdom in what we listen to in order to elevate our minds to things that bring us hope. Loud sounding angry tones can provoke anxiety and irritation. While smooth and light sounds can bring a sense of rest.
Lively and happy tones can cause us to feel energetic and full of life while depressive sounds can bring us down.

As we get older we forget the natural and calming things that work for children and think we can keep going on till we drop. We too need to watch out for what we put in to our lives. The sounds we listen to bombard our brains. At times with good things and at other times with things that provoke negative feelings.
Music can be used in therapy to cause the terminally ill to feel at peace. Music is a tool that can be used to our benefit if we use it wisely. 

There is order in the universe. There are things we must do to be well. Our bodies were designed by God to work well when we meet the responsibility of taking care of them.

An overworked muscle will suffer pain. But an underworked muscle will become weak. Atrophy can occur.
The patient was in the hospital for the eighth time. They were born with a condition. Sadly, out of their control.
But the nurses came in the room daily to turn the patient. They massaged the patient. Using lotion to care for the skin. The patient was incapable of meeting their own needs. But without massage and movement the patient’s risk for muscle atrophy increases. Atrophy is death to the muscles or part of the body affected. No circulation of blood in that area and neuropathy can result.

You and I are moving. We have a responsibility to keep this body.
We often mistreat it. Thinking we are young and invincible. Late nights. Lost sleep. Partying and feeling great. Then crashing with unnecessary symptoms.

We tax our bodies. We can change.
God has given us the ability to think and reason.

God’s Word says that He is the Bread of Life. Obviously, in a spiritual sense this means we must study and read God’s Word to be spiritually healthy. But we must also tend to this physical body. Prayer and study is good for the spirit. Exercise and a good diet is good for the body.

Our bodies require fruits and vegetables, protein and nutrients and minerals and fiber that are essential for our overall bodies to be healthy.

Vitamins amd minerals that cause us to function at our best are sometimes overlooked..  For example Vitamin D helps brain function and the maintenance of bones and skin. Calcium is necessary for strong bones.
Vitamin E  and others help us be at out top game.
Vitamin C help as an antioxidant that helps break down free radicals our body takes in. It helps to ward off colds and sickness.
B Compmex vitamins help our bodies functions.
But everything in moderation.
Our bodies need minerals and nutrients to work well. Another mineral is
Iron, which helps distribute oxygen to all the body. Without it we can become anemic.
B6 helps us to have healthy muscle and helps to use protein in order to produce muscle mass and helps in other body functions.
B12 is the vitamin that helps to produce red blood cells in the body. Without it we can become anemic.
It helps our metabolism and digestion functions.

We have been given access to nutricious foods and often times we mistreat our bodies and pay the consequences for our poor choices.

What about water? Scripture tells some things about water…

He will drink from the brook by the wayside;
Therefore He will lift up His head. Psalm 110:7

It is amazing, hiw water is so important in our bodies. It helps to cause all functions to flow with ease. The circulatory system which includes the heart and veins and capillaries and arteries that distribute the blood throughout the body, the digestive system which break down nutrients for distribution for the body, the intestines and for waste, the endocrine system which is responsible for hormones and releases them in to the blood.so on and so forth. Our eyes and our function to perceive is affected by the pressure in the eyes that requires there to be enough water in our systems.
Our body is made up of between 45 to 65 percent water. When one is younger that number is higher.
But water is essential for all systems in our bodies.

The lack of water can cause dehydration which can bring tremendous changes in hiw our systems work.
It can cause your stsmina to diminish. It can cause dizziness and weakness. It can cause kidney function to be affected negatively. It can bring about headaches and occular migraines. It can cause problems with digestion producing constipation and toxicity in the digestive system.
We need water.

The recommendation is an ounce for every pound. So, if one weighs 100 pounds one should drink 100 ounces of water daily as a rule of thumb.

She went to the hospital. That pain in her head was unbearable.  She was nauseated and feeling dizzy. She felt completely disoriented. Her heart was palpitating rapidly. What could this be?
When she arrived all her systems were checked. The process was not heavy medications. It was not pain medication and some treatment that was costly.
It was simple. She needed to be hydrated. It had been a few days where she had been laxed and had forgotten to take in enough fluid.
Water was the key.

After being given fluids and becoming hydrated, the pain subsided. Her head felt light and she was able to once again stand.

Another aspect of our bodies is our mental health. Rest is essential.
Healthy relationships and friendship that bting us joy and have a common ground are ideal. 
When one is isolated and withdrawn and not social and does not engage it can bring about depression.

We need to connect, get a cup of tea or coffee and share it with a friend.
In unity and connection the body releases hormonal exchanges that promote health.
Laughing and joining with others in worthy causes helps us to stay healthy and have a healthy outlook.
Another aspect is that connecting with others helps us to have an outlet to communicate our feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. God created us to be in community. We are not to be in isolation.
So, find a good church. Connect with those of like precious faith.
Join the PTA. Join a community outreach where you can help others in need. You will find how beneficial it will be to your overall mental health.

We all go through hard times. These are better handled with others helping us through them.

God is able to teach us how to care for our bodies if we take the time to consider that our bodies are created in a way that requires our attention. We must understand that life is a gift. It is a privilege and we must work to become aware of how our bodies work and what we are responsible to do to maintain them.

Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
1 Corinthians 6:19

Health is not a give in. It is a careful process. All of us need help in this area.

My recommendation is that you visit your Primary Care Physician. Ask how your levels are.
Ask how you can be healthier. Avoid the things that alter your body’s ability to function well.
Sugar, Alcohol, Drugs, Lack of Rest, Over Stimulation, Neglecting the Body Signals.

Too often we run for help when we have not been taking care of our part. Yet our merciful God has given us wonderful people who have made it a life choice to serve as, ministers and pastors and doctors and nurses and dieticians and counselors and therapists and so many who help us in so many ways.

We cannot blame the enemy for everything. Truth be told, we need to do our part in taking care of our bodies.

May the Lord help us to learn and grow and change for the better.
May our lives bring him much glory. May we consider that life is to be lived well.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

Use natural remedies:
Faith in Christ
Healthy Relationships – Communicate we are not alone.

Drink water
Healthy diet
Essential oils
Rest / Relax / Sleep
Turn Devices off

Come on With The Lord’s Help we Can Do This.

Let’s Get It Right. Today is a Day for A New Opportunity.

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