Hey, Did Ya Get In?

Did Ya Get In?

Published by Deborah Negron

January 13, 2023

We all want to get the best deals. We want to get the most for what we acquire. We want the most recent gadgets and the latest device. We want to have it all together.

But in life everything has a specific plan and purpose.
Can’t use my spoon to brush my hair. Can’t sweep the floor with a chair. Can’t get a diploma if I’m so lazy I sleep as if I was in a coma.
Can’t get ahead if you don’t tread.

We need to get real. Be honest. Do we really assume the God of Heaven is just going to let us all come in to heaven without Repentance?

Can we say we love Jesus and then treat our neighbors, coworkers or brother with disdain.
Can you look at a photo of your father and feel that urge to harm him because of the past? Can we say we know God and act as if you despise the very woman who gave you life? Can you hold a grudge for so long you repeat the past as if, it was the recent lyrics to a song. Man, it’s time to forgive. Girl, you have to let go.

Can you get mad, get stoned and wake up with that habitual Saturday morning hangover and think no I made it, worries?

Can we fill our lungs with smoke and not expect to get some cancer or respiratory problem?Can we fill our minds with every evil horrific scene and really believe we can have peace?

Do we think that we can abuse our bodies and sleep little and party hard and still perform at our peak? Anxiety, fear and confusion and heartache awaits us when we have no rest. Bombarded by news and conditioned by a system that drowns the cries of the heart for peace.

Hey lady, you tell me, “I’m not that bad. I do good to others. I am glad. I don’t need nobody, Just shut up lady let me simply live and let live.
Stop hounding me.”

I pray you hear me out…

We all need to take a step back. Listen, this ain’t no attack.
Jesus is Coming Back!

Can you claim the Promises in the Book, if you Never pick it up?
Can you tell God you’ve been good, when your own Momma knows your play book?
Can you keep hiding the troubles and think you can hide from tomorrow?

Slow down. Take a Breath… Whether you like it or not, soon that time will come…
There is no escaping it.

Are you ready to stand before your Maker? Can you start to so your explainin’?

The Film of your life will be played. Everything ever done, thought or said. Listen, there is a hope in all this.
This time has not hit.

The clock is ticking but there is still time to make things go right.

Repentance means, I am truly sorry for all my sin.
Repentance means, God will wipe away every stain.

Repentance means, Heaven’s Access and Gain.

Repentance means, Christ will forgive you and let you come in.

No, Everyone won’t make it in.

Some choose not to believe, The Good Book says…

The Good Book Says,

Come on, Let The Lord Take away your Mess.
Only He can Bless.
Redemption, Salvation, Justification and Sanctification.

This means Jesus Paid a Price. He gave His very Life. His Blood on the Cross was the the Payment in full. By Him we Have Been Made Right. And Day By Day He will Help us to Know Him Better and Little By Little we Will Let Go of What Holds us Back.

We Will Be Free Of Sin. Washed Clean. Made Righteous because of Him.
His Resurrection is our Guarantee that we will be sealed and Delivered to our Heavenly Destiny.

Come now Let us Reason together…
Though your sin be as scarlet… He will Make us White As Snow.

I Wanted You To know.

Published by Deborah Negron – Child of the King. Was a Sinner, Now I’m Free.

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