Ready With A Word

By Deborah Negron

February 28-29, 2020

Salmo 84:1-5
How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord of Armies. I long and yearn for the courts of the Lord ; my heart and flesh cry out for the living God. Even a sparrow finds a home, and a swallow, a nest for herself where she places her young — near your altars, Lord of Armies, my King and my God. How happy are those who reside in your house, who praise you continually.
Selah Happy are the people whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.

Mom and Dad have always had a morning routine that is their secret to growing their faith. The word is paramount for them.
Often times they sit apart and read the word. Then, when they come across a word that ignites their hearts to share, they come together and there discuss their findings, their insights and what the Lord has revealed to them at that moment.

It is their daily walk that enables them to face the nuances, the new experiences of life with a fervor, with clarity and wisdom.

Ephesians 6 speaks of putting on the whole armor of God. Daddy is well acquainted with that armour. Mom dresses in it each day. Together they are people who do not waiver in the midst of the pitfalls, the struggles and the tragedies that come to us all.

As I have been with them in the hospital these days, I have had conversations with strangers. Yes, nurses and doctors, the various caregivers and cleaning people of the hospital.

Yesterday, I found out why they moved dad from one room to another. The nurse shared with me, that the man that had been in the previous room with dad, passed away.

We had the opportunity to speak of Christ to that man. Dad had asked me to make sure I shared Jesus with the man. It’s what we do.
I shared the gospel with that man. A few days later, We found out his mother was a saint of God. She too encouraged us in our time of need.

Yet, the nurse shared how distressed the staff had been, working around the clock to try to help that man.

The nurse then said, ” I have seen many sick people. Many who die, since we are on this oncology floor. Your father is different. He is always joyful, even when he is in pain. He always treats everyone well, he is just kind.
Everyone here notices how different he is to the other patients.”

She shared that her family member is going through a sad time of illness and might lose his legs. She said, she talks to dad. Dad has prayed for her and her family.
He is a light in the midst of cancer…
In the midst of suffering he lifts up the name of Jesus.

He stopped all the doctors doing their rounds the other day. Several doctors and students in his room….

Daddy said, “Let me tell you all something. I thank God for letting me be in this hospital. I am glad to meet all of you. You are good people. But let me tell you something…
I have a question,” then with all eyes on him he says, “Do you know Jesus? It does not matter how talented you are. How many schools you went to, how hard you work. It does not matter how much money you make or how much you own. If God, wants to take me home, I am going to die. If He wants me here, he will let what you do help me. Nobody is in control of life but Jesus. Jesus is Lord. I belong to him. If I go, I go. If I live I live. It’s okay with me. God is good. You have the ability he gives you to help people. Don’t you forget that. You all need God. You need Jesus. Without him we are nothing.
Okay, that’s it. Thank you all.”

Lord let him go back home, to his favorite chair. Let him tell more people of your power and love. Have mercy Lord.

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