Your Precious Gift

December, 2014

Published by Deborah Negron- for Debilee anf Bryan Gatling

Welcome to Parenthood… childrearing…
Hair falling… nerve wrecking… heart pounding… giggle listening…gurgling happening… excitement by the second…
Joy for a lifetime… tears continueing… hope that’s thrilling… smiles just happen… constant worries… nights of resting… some of weeping… tears and laughter…
All that matters…

Welcome to a new adventure coupled with trepidation. Excitement coupled with hesitation. Oh the life of parenting…
Life filled with new beginings and understanding God in a different way.

Comprehending his love in unimaginable ways.
Welcome to a place where a day is never dull or boring. You’ll always find new ways of scoring. Nursery rhymes and tummy times. Sniffles for you and stuffies or runnies for him.

A profound sense of family and a completeness without compare. Sports games and ankle sprains…
Trophies and losses… cheering and correcting… Triumphs and failures. Recitals and concerts… Goals met and some left.
With new stages come new challenges.
With new challenges new discoveries.

Balancing schedules, checkbooks and menus and pleasures, and memories to treasure. Your life will never be the same. Nor will you ever want it to be.
Because with every tear is a joy divine.

With every acomplishment a new milestone on his climb.
May God grant you the wherewithal to instruct this child in the Lord and rest secure in Christ above.
Welcome to being a mommy. Welcome to your new role as a daddy.

The thing to remember is that our children are lent to us by God. They are not our property. They belong to God. So as you embark on this new journey, remember the one who placed this little in in your arms.

Raise a child for God’s honor and glory. Be wise and merciful, tender and disciplined. Thid is a high callkng and a great responsibility. Remember also, you are not alone. The Lord is your helper. His word is your best guide. His standards are the best to live by.

For Debilee Gatling and Bryan Gatling

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