We Can Be A Blessing As We Dig Up This Well… God is able to fill every need.

Published by Deborah Negron- Child of God

Sept. 13, 2022

Charles Spurgeon had a way with words. I am blessed by his reflections and thoughts; Inspired then to write my own.

To be a blessing does not take all that much. To be a light is only to take that which is reflected onto us and shine it forward.

Yes, we are mirrors of grace. We are wells dug up. But we must rememeber that, it is the Lord who sends the rain. In Christ alone is that Spring that is eternal. In Christ alone is our well filled until it overflows.

In and of ourselves we can do nothing. In and of ourselves we are incapable. But with God we become those that out of our own need, we dig deep and seek the Lord first. Then we are abundantly blessed as we find that, what we have, can be shared.
It was not our first intention. Yet, in God we are part of a body of believers that will glean from the good works of others. Throughout history we see that wherever the gospel has reached, souls are changed. Progress comes.

The standards of God’s word are clear.
Love one another.
This love produces in us the desire to do well for others. To develop the fruit of the Spirit.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
Galatians 5:22

This fruit then, is manifested in us and blesses those all around us.

Years ago on a missions trip to Vera Cruz, Mexico, with a wonderful church I was a member of at the time, we visited this place that seemed barren, poor, under developed. There the people were extremely needy.

The gospel reached them. Today, I am still in contact with the wonderful Servant of God who had the call and the perseverancia and has continued the work there.
The growth and socioeconomic progress made by these people is commendable.
It demonstrates the power of God at work in a tangible way.

The gospel changes thought processes. The gospel makes New Creations in Christ. When people are Bron Again, their lives are then beacons of light for others. These wonderful saints were impacted by the power of God and His word.

When I have the pleasure of communicating with Pastor Gabino we are thrilled to see how the knowledge of Jesus has transformed a church family and the communities around them.

What we do, though little, in Christ, is multiplied to bring Christ the greatest honor and praise.

Jesus is the common denominator in our lives that changes everything for the better.
We dig a well. The Lord fills it up with The Rain of His Holy Spirit!

Our work of grace and mercy and love and the love of others, who also played their part, were the very actions God used to bless his children in Vera Cruz.

The Lord fills our needs and in so doing provokes us to do the deeds that will ultimately further His Kingdom.
He gets all the praise and all the glory.

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