Published by Deborah Negron


“Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise: “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”
Ephesians 6:2‭-‬3

If you knew them you would have fallen in love with them. They were constant people. People who never made anyone feel excluded. If you cam for a visit you would have felt the love in their home. You would have seen their love for each other and for people.

Today would have been their 56th Anniversary. Today Daddy is in heaven and mom is still with us.

The Bible says we ought to honor our parents.

There is no greater honor I can offer them and their memory than to live wholeheartedly ❤ for the Lord.

The legacy Mom and Dad have left us is Christ. Jesus was always the center of their home.

To me, even in the midst of trials and life storms, Mom and Dad demonstrated one thing well. They loved God and each other.

They forgave easily and prayed together. When my dad was ill, mom made sure she was present to read the Word and remind dad of God’s goodness. She never left his side. Even un to death. She chose not to put him in a hospice but to see to his needs till the end.

She listened to his every wish. His every desire was he main objective. I see married couples today and I hear them talk about needing their Me time.

Not Mom and Dad, they were always supportive of each other.

They shared every moment good or bad together. The trials of life came and that girl stuck with her guy. Even when he lost the capacity to think and remember, she fought hard to help him remember who he was. She sat with him. She fed him. She reminded him that he wasa man of God. She was consistent until she would bring back Dad. He was lucid because she never gave up.

He was a good, honest and loving man. We never heard them scream at each other or put each other down. They were one for the other like a hand fits a glove.

Thank You Lord for the kind of parents we have had.

Lord help us honor Mom as she deserves. Until you decide to take her home to glory, let us have the understanding that it is an honor to have her as our Mother.

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