I Aspire to Be Like Her

Learning from Her…
She is my Best Role Model, My Mom
Published by Deborah Negron – Child of God

May 2, 2022

I will not wait until she passes on the appreciate the treasure she is to me. My Mom is that virtuos woman of Proverbs 31.

If you ever want to learn how to be committed to Jesus… How to put Christ first in your life. She is my greatest example. You should get to know her.

If you ever want to learn how to give without reservation…
Get to know how she gives.

If you want to know about how to prioritize you faith in this life…
Get to know her daily routine.

I am constantly reminded of how merciful and loving God is. This does not happen from some preacher or teacher on a pulpit. This does not happen because I read some book on the topic.
This occurs in every conversation with my mom.

She is not perfect.
No, not at all. She has imperfections and often times she is harder on herself than on anyone else. She can persist on being helpful, giving, showing kindness to a fault.

When my Dad went to be with the Lord. It appeared for a while that she had lost her ground. It seemed as though she believed she had no purpose.
This did not last long. She knows whom she is in Christ.

She is more precious than jewels;
And nothing you desire compares with her.
Proverbs 3:15

Getting to know her from the perspective of those she has been in church with for over 20 years is quite the experience. She is sought for prayer. She is considered a well respected deacon in the church. She is honored and respected. She always has a Word for someone who comes to her. But she never seeks the fan fare.  I am honored to see so many that appreciate her.  Having the opportunity to worship with her is such a gift. My child and I are so bkessed by it.

She is a Prayer Warrior. She does her most important duty behind the scenes. Not too much glory before people. But before God her prayers have been answered countless times. She does not stand to make long speeches. She does not talk about herself.
She is a beautiful Representation of the Love of God. A Godly Example for us to follow. She made my dad so happy. She loved him unconditionally. But now she serves best at the Master’s Feet.

Though, she cries every day, for the love of her life, my dad…
Though, she misses him greatly, she is not a woman with idle hands. She must always be busy about the Father’s Business. She has been dealing with some pain in her hip and she gets tired easily. She prefers to be in her home most of the time.
Unless, there is a service or some kindness she can provide for someone.

She would never tell of how she made food and has been daily checking in on a godly saint who has been sick. She won’t tell of the amount of time she takes making sure her sister who lives in a nursing, is taken care of. She won’t tell you of how she prays for her siblings and their homes and Children.

She will never tell you
that her shoulders hurt. But she will push her cart to the supermarket all by herself and get what she needs all by herself. I have to insist on helping her. She is so independent.

But let me tell you about her daily routines.

Her time with the Lord is primal. It is the first thing she engages in after her morning coffee. She will sit and literally delve in to the word for hours. She loves the Word of God and is able to divide it rightly. Her life preaches of God’s love.

Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and encourage with every form of patient instruction.
2 Timothy 4:2

Her phone will not be turned on. Do not call her before noon. She won’t be sleeping. No, no , no. She will be reading scripture and then praying for the long list she has, of names she consistently prays for.
She prays for her children, their spouses, each grandchild by name. She prays for her great grandchildren. Then she prays for her adopted children and the rest of her family and friends. She prays for the church of Jesus Christ in the world. She prays for Christ to save souls and for lives to be transformed. She prays for the Lord to reach her unsaved loved ones. She prays for those in hospitals and for neighbors.

Her prayer life is consistent. It is her sustenance. It is her Go to. Her time with the Lord makes her weather every storm with peace. Her prayer life makes her look to the hills… She knows whom she has believed in and she is convinced of His ability to perform miracles.

She is a woman who loves beauty. She loves art and fine things. But she would rather spend time in God’s presence more than anything.
She is a very generous and gives of her time and her energies to help others.

Her home is arranged beautifully. It is organized well and well maintained.

Her philosophy of life if simple and yet profound.
“Everything I have is a gift from the Lord. Even my life, my breath, everything.
I must be a good steward of all the things the Lord has afforded me.”

“I keep my home clean because God is a God of order and if he washes our sins away it is for us to give a good testimony to take care of the things he has given me.”

She prays for every single decision she makes. She does not ever say yes, right away. She prays.

She is not one for having tons of friends. But the friends she does have,  have known her to be a woman of character and constant in faith.

She takes pride in her children. She speaks of them highly. Her sons and her daughters. She speaks of how the Lord has given her family talents and gifts in singing and ministry to serve the Lord. She rejoices when she hears about how God is working in their lives. She does not go to many homes. She loves to serve others. She loves to cook and set a table for those who serve the Lord. She is resistant in participating in anything that is not pleasing to God.

Her counsel is sound. She speaks the Word in season and out of season.

She has one flaw however. She does not know how to receive praise. She says she feels as if she is dishonoring God if she does. She wants to always be on the giving side. But when it comes time to receive, she seems to be humbled by it.

“All praise and all glory goes to the Lord. I am just a servant. I only do what I am supposed to do… Nothing more and hopefully nothing less.”

Her greatest desire is that all her children and her children’s children would walk in faith and serve the Lord giving every talent to him.

She has taught me to cherish my time with the Lord. She has taught me to consider that every human failure comes from a lack of proximity to Christ. The closer we are to the Lord, the less we want to do anything that would offend Him.

She can laugh and make you laugh. She enjoys pasta and a good vegetable pizza. But her favorite meal might be Bacalao with vianda. This is a puertorican dish of salted cod fish and green bananas, yuca and malanga and white sweet potatoe (batata blanca) and onions and olive oil. She enjoys looking through her window at the winter trees covered in ice.
“Look at what God designed. They look like crystal. He is the Best Artist.”

To know her is to know you will converse about the Word.
She loves to discuss Biblical topics and her knowledge of scripture is astounding.

Others look to google for finding where specific Bible verses are.

You give my Mom a theme or topic and she will call you in a few hours and give you a list of scriptures as to where that theme or topic is found.
Her Bibles looks like a Map that indicates different locations. It is totally marked up and her notes are of depth.

She has asked the Lord to speak to her daily through His Word. He truly does.

A word of comfort, consolation, forgiveness, mercy, correction and peace… all these she will give, depending on the need.

Intelligence is something she has. She can design and has constructed so many things. From a design for a Bible stand to use on a table to a picture frame. She takes something that appears to be useless and she will find a good use for it.

I never forget. She had a vase that had these beautiful flowers all around it. Someone broke it. And she carefully picked up the ceramic flowers and put them away. She threw out the vase parts that were broken. Yet she carefully separated the broken pieces that contained the flowers.

She put it away. A few days later, she was hard at work. She bought glue and began arranging the flowers in in different ways. Finally, she bought and frame that had a wide pane. She then took fabric and began laying the flowers and then carefully lifting them and putting glue to keep them in the place where she had wanted them.
She had created a one of a kind art piece. She put these flowers and fabric on a cardboard and then placed them in the frame behind the glass. The result was absolutely amazing.

She then says, “This is what the Lord does in our lives. He takes our brokenness and makes us new again. He remakes us in to something we had never imagined.”

Her ability to connect everything to the work of Jesus on the Cross and his Power to Restore lives is what she lives for.

She is my Virtuous Momma. She is a Treasure of God for us.
She is my Best Gift.

Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Proverbs 31:30

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