I want an Outpouring Lord, yes, an Anointing

Published by Deborah Negron – Child of God

April 22, 2022

I do not come to you as some Ritual of Devotion, I come for Todays’s Supply.

  • Biblical readers are familiar with the term Messiah (the Savior or Redeemer). However, not everyone knows that this word is of Hebrew origin. In Ancient Israel, the kings were crowned by oil being poured over their heads. This sacred ritual was called meshicha משיחה or “anointing”. Because of this, the king was then called the mashiach משיח or the “anointed one.” – Israel Biblical Studies

Today, we use this term with less understanding. Yet the connotation it has is a term of reverence. Kings were anointed before taking their place to rule.

The prophets anointed the future kings.

Today, I ask the Lord to anoint me with his Holy Ghost. That is that the Holy Spirit would fill me, overflow over me. Pouring in to every area of my life.
You see as one pours oil, it does not flow like water. Oil, is poured and as one can see it leaves a residue on all it touches. It covers and fills every crevice. Every single place is saturated.

I use coconut oil for my skin and for my hair. Years ago a dear friend saw the poor quality of my hair. She said, Debbie, you need to not only put oil on your hair and skin but you need to eat of it. When our bodies lack in certain oils the hair and skin becomes dry and brittle.
She encouraged me to consume olive oil daily and coconut oil. Then she said to use the oil on my hair.
Interestingly, the oil when consumed, helped. Believe it or not it helped digestion as well as my skin and hair. I had short and weak hair before. After consuming the oil as well as putting it on for a long period of time my hair began to grow strong and long.

I think of how the Holy Spirit should be involved in every area of my walk. The way I think should be saturated with the Word of God in order for the Holy spirit to bring God’s Word to my remembrance as needed for daily struggles.
The Holy Spirit should be that still small voice that is my guide and leads me in all truth.
John 16:13 says just that.

“But when He the, Spirit of truth, shall come, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak from Himself, but whatever He may hear, He will speak. And He will declare to you the things coming.”

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence? If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold, You are there. If I take the wings of the morning, And dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, Even there Your hand shall lead me, And Your right hand shall hold me. If I say, “Surely the darkness shall fall on me,” Even the night shall be light about me; Indeed, the darkness shall not hide from You, But the night shines as the day; The darkness and the light are both alike to You.
Psalms 139:7‭-‬12

The anointing of the Holy Spirit causes boldness to grow. It causes fear to dissipate. It enables a once shy person, to speak out in confidence. It empowers a person who was once afraid of what others would think to become outspoken and brave and to speak truth without reservations.

We see this in the life of Peter the disciple. He had become afraid and feared for his life when Jesus was taken. He even denied him three times.
But he had an encounter with the Lord. The Lord forgave him. He then was among the 120 in the upper room on the Day of Pentecost. Acts 2.
He was filled with the Holy Spirit and was then so bold that he spoke with conviction and pathos. He preached and over 3000 believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

I too want to be filled. I too want to leave the place of uncertainty and doubt and become bold for you my God. Unafraid of the issues of this life and totally commited to the cause of Christ.

I Believe, yet I pray, as did the father of the sick child in Mark 9:24. I believe Lord, but help my unbelief. That is, don’t allow my humanity and my reasoning and my lacks overcome my faith. Help me to believe for the impossible.

Help me, by filling me with a fresh anointing of your Holy Spirit. Let my mind be renewed each day with a fresh supply.
As Paul wrote to romans, ‘Let me not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of my mind, that the evidence of what your good and acceptable and perfect will of God is in my life.
Romans 12:2

Lord, .today, infill me…

Pour out a fresh anointing. Cover every area, my heart, my mind, my memories, my thoughts, my plans, my steps and my rest. Overflow in my life so that you would be glorified in me, today.

Then tomorrow, I will desire again, a fresh infilling, as the Manna of heaven that you gave to your people in the desert. So, as I am in this place that is not my eternal home, fill me up each day. I need your presence as I need the air I breathe. I need your power as I need the sun that allows the day to come, so I can see. I need your will to be done in me. Today and everyday until you come for me.

This Lord is my desire.

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