He Is with Us

Published by Deborah Negron- Child of God

In the midst of our pilgrimage there are moments of sorrow.
In the midst of our journey moments of respite. There are times of great joy and the kindness of stangers is welcomed in times of afliction. Yet we must fix our eyes on our final destination. We must clearly forgo the pleasantries and consider what is at stake. Let us not become complacent and thereby stumble. Let us not become enamored with the things we see along the path. Let us understand our stay here is for His purpose and for a short term, in the scope of eternity. Let us focus on the eternal prize. Let us draw others to the path and call them out of their positions of peril. For one day, surely, we will look and see that the wicked are no more.
Our God is slow to anger but he will destroy the wicked. He may be merciful, but rest assured those who mock us and accuse us…
Those who abuse their power and consume their time to render affliction to the saints, will one day have their recompense.

Fear not, for the Lord goes before us.
Let us pray Godd has mercy on the lost. Let us preach the gospel regardless of the ridicule and mockery of others.

Let us stand firm.
For we will obtain our reward. We will see our Lord in the Clouds. We will look upon his face and know Him and will be known of Him. Every tear we have shed he has stored in a bottle. Every sorrow is written in his book. But every battle fought and every mountain climbed he has also noted and will thusly recompence.
Run the race with confidence and fear not. Lift up you head and walk in victory…
For our beloved will surely save. He will restore. He will give us beauty for ashes. Praise The Lord!

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