My Prayer Tonight, Again

Published by Deborah Negron


Draw us to yourself.
We the remnant,
we who have cried for the wrongs…
We who have not bent the knee nor sought after strange fire.
We who have not been enamoured
Of the wealth, nor depravity of men. We who have sought your face…
We have become angered by the injustices…
We have been awakened with indignity.
We have been bowed low and have stood in the gap for the sins of the fathers and the wanderings of the children.
Lord, have you forgotten?
Have you not seen th igat in spite of the error of our ways, we have repented?
Have you not seen that we have counted the sins of the people as our own sin. We have understood the gravity of our ways and have sought forgiveness.
Cast us not away. Remember your covenant.
Remember your mercy.
Remember we are but dust.
Look at our inward parts.
See the desire to seek you in spite of the weakness of the flesh.
For we are the prodigal come home.
We are the lost coin found.
We are the lost sheep found.
We are your children, needy and frail.
Wash our wanderings. See the feeble hands that hold the horns of the altar.
Depart not from the place of the mercy seat.
For we would surely die lest you hold us.
Hold us in the hollow of your hand. Lest we perish.
Let the fountain of your love overflow. Let your truth prevail. Let your sacrifice be sufficient.  We hide behind the cross.  We surrender at the feet of the one who holds life in his hands.
You alone can destroy the soul. And you alone can render pardon. You alone can blend pity and pain, mercy and forgiveness and create a masterpiece. The canvas of your love is the place where new creations are born again.
Oh have mercy today on those that seek you early. Forgive our reasonings. For we have been filled with terror for the sin that once overwhelmed us. But your Spirit drew us.
Your merit imputed justice on us. We have the image of the son imprinted on our hearts.
Our lives are not our own. We are the surrendered. Our vanity was defeated and our eyes saw your mercy. Our fill of the detestable things brought sorrow and repentance was brought forth. We who have been redeemed now cry out to you. For we know the evil days are here. Sustain us in the power of your love. Keep our eyes fixed on you, lest our hearts faint. We are the ones you called your beloved. Those who have been cleansed by the crimson flow. Execute now your judgment. Display your power to socurr. Enpower us to be those who cry out for deliverance. For your hand is still outstretched. Your mercy is still new every morning. Your grace abounds even in the midst of this sinful generation. Let your mercy flow over each life who has not bowed the knee to what is commonplace. Let your voice be heard as we speak your name. Let us be the pillars that hold this people in the midst of this darkened world. Let us be the light, the salt the truth talkers. The ones who understand that we were born, chosen for such a time as this.

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