At Her Sunset

Published by Deborah Negron September 15, 2021

Dedicated to Lucrecia Negron – Lovingly known as Luchy

A Woman of God

Bless My Precious Mother Lord. May she continue to be an example of the Love of God to all who know her.

This is a time when we see the fragility of life. We also see the importance of counting the moments, the minutes and each second of each new day.  We consider what has been and what may no longer be.

Oh, to have length of days and value each and every opportunity to spend time with her…

You see, life is too precious.

We spend our days too busy to focus on what is truly important.

I want to consider her…

I want her sunset to be one of joy and full of newfound memories we make together.

I want each conversation to leave a lasting memory when her sun finally sets.

Lord, I ask you for my Mother, the one who has kept my heart, all these years.

She has covered me in prayers and showered me with wisdom. She has given me baskets full of hope and bowls of understanding.  She has sat and listened, and cried with me. She has corrected me when my thoughts were wayward. She has given godly advice and counsel to help me in my walk of faith. She has then rejoiced with me, as you, Lord, have changed my weeping into dancing.

Time and time again, she has prayed for each of her children. She has interceded on their behalf. She has poured her tears when they were suffering and has laughed and enjoyed them when they have spent some time sharing life with her. Lord, may we recognize and understand that we can glean from her the truths of life and faith and wisdom. May we as her children grow in grace as she continues to be an example of faith for each of us and all who come to know her.

Oh, she easily shares her children’s triumphs. She counts each and every milestone. She is thrilled with their successes. She prays earnestly when they face a crisis and intercedes until your answer comes.

Lord God, of heaven, I pray, that she would flourish in her twilight years. I pray that she would see the goodness of God in all our lives for the rest of her years.

Please cause her life to be full of your abundant peace and may the joy of the Lord be her strength and her song.

Give her good heath and heal her of all infirmity. That her days would not be hindered by pain or by limitations but rather full of purpose and enlightenment in order that she can continue being a light for others in this life.

Lord, allow her to be fruitful and produce much for your Kingdom. Let her latter days be better than all her days prior.

May your word be made true in her life.

They shall still bear fruit in old age; They shall be fresh and flourishing,
Psalms 92:14

May he also be to you one who restores life and sustains your old age;…”
Ruth 4:15

But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31

Let her see her children and grandchildren serving you Lord. Allow her to see the fruit of her labor and give you the glory.

She had spent a lifetime caring for her husband. Now give her your peace and consolation and purpose for her time left here with us.

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