Run To Him!

Don’t know about you, but as for me…. Calamity seems to be part of life so what are my options? Sit and sulk? have a pity party? complain and fuss?
Get mad or get even? Not or me. The Bible says that David encouraged himself. That is he accentuated the positive and eliminated the negative. This means he made a conscious decision to trust in the Lord. Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” See there is the key. In myself, i cannot do anything. But in Christ i can tackle life’s issues head on.

What struggles are you facing? lean on Him. What pain is overwhelming you, count on Jesus. Don’t know about you, but i cannot go through one day without his grace and his strength. Tucked the child in after reading her the story in the book of Samuel, where David fights against a lion and a bear… David is one of my heroes. He felt fear and still acted on faith. He felt fear and anxiety but he prayed. He knew the key to deliverance is God’s power. Run to Jesus. He won’t disappoint you.

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