My Prayer Today

Published by Deborah Negron M.A.
April 26, 2021

My eyes fixed on high,
My vision clear …
Seeing what is set before me
Trusting My Lord is near.
Understanding He is the Author
and the Finisher of my days.
Wanting solely to walk each day
To bring glory to His name.
Name above all names,
A Mighty God is He.
Redeemer of the brokenhearted…
Lord knows that was me.
Surrendered to His purpose…
Bowed low before His throne…
Grateful for His mercy…
The truest Love I have ever known.
Sweet Jesus keep my eyes fixed…
Knowing fully the objective…
To live and bring you honor…
Shine brightly for your cause
Oh Lord, Help me I pray you….
To answer here the call…
Until my days are done here…
May I always your name extol.

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