My Mom

March 28, 2015

Published by Deborah Negron M.A.

The Woman of God

He stood the and belittled her
She prayed for him.
She stood there
as she accused her decisions
She prayed for her.
They discredited her name
and spoke lies about her.
She prayed for them.
They said she was something less
Than what she was
She continued to pray.

These people don’t know that Satan
has used them to place pressure
and weight on this woman.
Yet, she has passed the test of time.
She simply prays.

Her tears God holds in a bottle.
He has counted her pain as gold.
He has judged her
with mercy and forgiveness.
He has counted her faithfulness
as righteousness.
She has believed God in every trial.
She has trusted God would hold her
in spite of all who walked away.
Still she prays.
Still she comforts the weak,
She is kind to the broken.
She watches over the sick
and encourages peace.
She tells her children to be mindful and pray.
She never lays out her pain,
nor wastes time complaining.
She is a prayer warrior.
She takes her needs on bended knee
before the Lord.
This Woman is not common.
She is refined through every difficult moment. God has polished her.

As she prays over you, her prayer moves the very hand of God this changes things.
God is her audience.
His mercy her belt.
Her lips are filled with the Word of God.
She speaks ill of no one.
I am in awe of her.
She is genuine and unique.
She is the description
of the woman in Proverbs.
Yes the faithful, wise dutiful
and presevering one
of chapter 31.

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