So, What’s in A Name?

What’s in a Name?
Published by Deborah Negron M.A. February 12, 2021

Wow, had a friend remind me today of what my name is Associated with.

Needed this reminder since I am human and sometimes I forget there is a greater purpose.

We all get bogged down by life’s struggles and the issues of life. These can cause us to lose our focus. We forget our purpose.
So, here’s to remembering who I ought I strive to be.

The name Deborah has a variety of characteristics associated with its root.

Bees are essential creatures. These insects ar cunning, industrious, determined and focus on the needs of their colonies.

There are particular bees that are known as social bees. These live in groups. They help one another by having specific roles. The queen bee, the worker bees etc.
Some guard the bee hives. Some cause there to be protecfion for the queen bee.

They offer examples of industry and the importance for social order and government.

Bees are essential creatures to our existence. They help maintain many of our interconnected ecosystems.
They help pollinate the earth.
Pollination is the process of causing the fertilization of plants. This is when there are Male and female stamens which produce a sticky powder called pollen and the pistol which is called the stigma. These must be connected to cause there to be the creation of new plants. Bees pollinate, this means they connect or pass on the pollen from the male plant to the female plant. This causes germination.

They help Growth and Development

Some Bees produce honey. Honey is sweet and nourishes the body. Honey is known to help the body’s immune system.
So, it fortifies and brings health.

Bees Bring a Healthy Balance in our nutrition for all of God’s creation, from plants to animals to human beings.

Thinking on this, I would only hope to do this name justice.

There are two Deborah’s found in scripture.
Deborah the judge and leader found in the book of Judges.
Had several attributes,

She was wise, she had to discern between matters among the people.

She was seen as the go to person. As she sat under the palm tree the people came to her for counsel and direction. She was approachable.

She was known for her relationship to God. She was the one whom God chose to communicate with, in order to lead his people. She had proximity to God.

She was also a trusted leader. She was asked to assist in matters of national security.

These are some big shoes to fill. I could only try to be trustworthy. I would hope to always seek the Lord For Hs wisdom in providing some godly counsel to those I am able to help.

Finally, I would aspire to have the joy and privilege to lead some to Christ.

There is another Deborah in the Bible. She was the Nurse or Teacher for Rebecca. Some believe she was actually Jacob’s mother. But I will not speculate.

I will say, to be able to serve as a Teacher in some way, to some who desire to learn of the truths of God’s Word, is my joy.

And to provide the healing that comes from knowing Christ and Being like a nurse to administer the gospel and how God’s Love restores our hearts and gives newness of life to all the ones God allows me to have contact with, would be my highest goal.

Yes, Deborah is quite a name.
My mom and dad gave me a name that has marked my life with a purpose.

I pray I can at least do it some justice.

Thank you for provoking me to remember who I am supposed to be Francis.

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