Gratitud, It is Something

Published by Deborah Negron M.A.

January 30, 2021

In life we must never take things for granted. We have all been guilty of not always saying how we feel or letting others know the blessing they have been to us throughout our times of connection or fellowship. For this reason I write this.

We live with different expectations of what we want to do in life. We want certain things and we desire to accomplish certain things in life. In the process and growth of life God sends some people along the way that help us hone in on our own goals. Perhaps they offer a word of encouragement or a recommendation. Or maybe a word of counsel or a rebuke. They help us mature and learn life lessons that push us toward better goals, toward wider accomplishments and toward a higher calling. God has afforded some amazing people in this process for me.

People who have challenged me, with thiei ability to empower by pulling, pushing, pressing in on my limited ideas and stretching my understanding. Those, not afraid to ask the tough questions. Those who questioned my motivations and caused there to be opportunity for growth. The Lord uses these special people to move us toward His purpose and direction for our lives.

This woman here, I have known for almost 20 years or so. I remember meeting her from the beginning and feeling like I had much to learn from this humble, highly skilled principal. She was direct, clear and often times the one to push you beyond what you thought you could meet. She was the one to tell you, “No matter what, as a Latin woman, as a Puertorican, you should be proud and go on and do more. You can do it. God will help you.” Years later, she is still cheering me on. Thank you Lord for Olga Leiva.

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