A Bit About Me

So, Got a message from Facebook encouraging me to begin dating…

Let’s see…
I am available for tifting up the name of Jesus.
I am available for deep honest talks about faith
I am available to listen and to counsel.
I am available to be a helping hand.
I am available to preach and teach the gospel.
I am available to sing His praises.
I am available to show kindness and be counted as one of those who desires never to turn back.
I am available to be a friend, a sister, a confidant, a pal, a sounding board and good listening ears.

I am not available for drama, silly emotions, wasting time, hanging out, being used.
I am not available for foolish conversations, gossip, following the crowd.

I am not a shopper.
I do not like malls.
Can’t buy me with eloquent words or expensive gifts.
My tastes are probably to high even for myself.
I love worshiping, I love Jesus. I love spending time in His word. I love studying God’s word. I love the eyes of the person when the light bulb goes on and they first acknowledge their need for the Saviour. I am thrilled when I see others being kind to the homeless, gentle with them.
I love those who seek the Lord with all their hearts and waste little time on frivolous conversations.

I love the beach. I love the ocean.
I love to see the heavens.
I love to fly. Airplanes are scary, but the view from above reminds me that My Saviour is returning for me.
I love to hear genuine laughter.
I love my parents they arenprecipus to me. Hinest, kind and truthful. They are some of my best friends.
I love my siblings. My sister is my Treasure. She is welcome in my day anytime any place.
I love my children. My daughter is a sounding biard for me. She is also my treasure. My son, I love him. He is dear, dear to me. I love my princess, one of my reasons to wake up every morning. I love my grandson, he is my little prince.

I love to write and to expound on God’s word.
I love to sing His praises always.
My best friends are godly people who love all these things.
I love them because they challenge me. They tell me the truth even when I do not want to hear it. I love my time with them.

I love to see others thrive and reach their goals. I love to be that little grain of sand that somehow helped them get there.

I love my life.
I think I also love being me, just me.
I love me.
No strings attached. No one to hinder me or keep me from what I love to do.
I love painting, drawing, sketching.
I love a constructive discussions of faith.
I love edifying others and encouraging others.
My goal in life is to please the Lord.

So, I don’t think you can help Facebook.
No thanks.
Only God can make miracles happen.
I will be content just to be me.

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