True Love

The Silent Hero
By Deborah Negron

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord . Proverbs 18:22

She made sure was seen always in the best light.

She shared his triumphs and kept his weakness unseen.

She taught her children to see the man he was and not the illness that had taken so much of him.

She persevered in prayer and in her constant care of him.

To some she seemed distant and sometimes as one who did not comply.
She guarded his wellbeing and his state of mind.

When he was frail and weak she would quietly state, we are unable to attend some event.

Some saw her as controlling.
Others thought she wanted him all to herself.
Yet she just slowly waited and brought him back to health.

She fed him, held him. Reminded him of their love. When the illness seemed to take over, She reminded him who He was.

She celebrated his past glories.
She told us of all his deeds. She told us of his talents and of her memories of all he had achieved.

She shared with him in ministry and they made a formidable pair. They helped so many throughout their lives for she held him so near. She made his triumphs public and she made him shine each time.

She held him close to keep others from crowding him and confusing him, when his illness would return.
For every mental anguish, she helped him see God’s love.

Yet I could tell of countless times when he was well and She would would guide the line, as others came to seek counsel of him and she would encourage him on. She knew him as the man of God, the father of her children. The man she’d loved for so very long. This man was precios to her.

I am a witness of the love of this woman for her man.

She held him closer in his weaknesses and when he was well…
She would show him off, as Her Man.

Sometimes her tears in silence were many, she did not share.
She kept him at peace and smiling. It was her mission and care.

The enemy could not stand against this woman and her resolve…
To love this man no matter what and stand beside him always.

Oh Love like theirs is hard to find.
I only know of one other.

The Love of God for every son and every daughter.

The cross shows us a love like this…
A relentless Unwavering commitment.

God sent his son to give his life to show the world forgiveness.
Restoring our souls to peace and loving us, even in our weakness.
God’s eyes saw not our awkwardness, He saw us as new creatures, before we’d even to him, commited.

Oh Precious love like Mama’s Love is hard to find these days.

But God’s love is still available for all who come repentng.

He will not see the brokenness.
He will not see the faults or loss…
He sees with eyes of mercy.

He wants to show us off as his,
greatest possession.
We are precious in his sight you see.
He cares not that we were unclean.

His mercy sees beyond our pain…
His love will be our gain.

So love like mom’s may be rare to find.
But the Lord’s Love can be yours and mine.

Oh come and be made whole by him.
His Love is Everlasting.

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