Play On Dear Daddy

Play On Dear Daddy
Published By Deborah Negron

Play Him a song oh Daddy.
Play Jesus a Song. ..
Play that guitar, strum strong…
A song like no other sweet Daddy…
A song that is yours alone.
Bring praise and honor to Jesus,
Your greatest desire is yours.

You made our lives so full. My memory banks are overflowing. You made us proud to be your children. You heard us say this to you while you were here living.

But now you have entered eternity’s door. We will see you here no more.
Yet I can imagine Heaven is all joyous to receive you as you were summoned home.

Jesus I know you love him more than we ever could.
But Lord, give him an extra moment to remember how much he is loved.
As you have wiped away his tears forever.
As he suffers here no more….
Let him feel the warmth of our love for him very near.

Daddy we promise to watch over Mommy. We promise to be very near. Until once again we meet in glory…
I know you’ll be singing A new Melody…
Go Ahead now Daddy, sing Jesus your song.

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