Remember Who You Are

Published by Deborah Negron M.A.

10 – 30 – 2014

Let us look beyond what we see…
In the natural…
Can’t control anything…
Feel as if life took its own course
without consulting me.
Attempts made
results came which were unexpected.
It seems as if all is lost.

But these eyes don’t see…
In The Supernatural…
These ears are not trained to hear
the still small voice.
In the midst of life’s chaos…
It calls me to come closer.
In the midst of the unknown,
it draws me to
Trust the one who knows best.
In the midst of my adversity
His call seems clear….
Run to the Rock that is higher than you…
Seek me and you will have your rest.
Draw near to me
and drink freely of my living water.
The voice of the Master calls
in the midst of the darkness
It lights a clear path.

Life is not what I thought it should be.
Nor is it the choas I think it may be at times.
My life is ordered by the one who calls me his own.
He knows how to shape me and mold me.
He is forming in me the very character of the Son of God. The Holy Spirit leads me where I need to be in order to fulfill the Master’s plan for me.

I am precious in His sight. I am a jewel a pearl of high value. I am not alone. The enemy would rather I think I am somehow forsaken.
But, that still small voice, calls me by my name.
The new name given to those which are redeemed.
My sins are covered. My destination secure.
The still small voice calls me to remember who I am.
I am called to recall where I was restored and live in the victory of Christ, My Master and Lord and Savior.

Jesus, my life is in your hands.
You are my Eden.
You are my sabbath.
You are the Lord of my life.

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