My New Beginning- Walking Away from the Past

My New Beginning
Published by Deborah Negron M.A.

When I Surrendered you restored me.
When I admitted my sin and chose to walk away from the Sins of my youth, you gave me newness of life.
You caused my eyes to be filled with gladness for all the Years spent in tears.
you, Oh God, have turned my weeping into dancing. You, oh Lord, have given me not what I had deserved.
For my years were spent in regret but now my days are filled with hope and wonder.
My thoughts are now of seeking more to please you and honor your name.
Now I desire to live wholly for your purpose and never to allow my heart to wander from your love.
Lord God, you are not only my Saviour, but you are the object of my love and to Praise and worship you will be the goal of each new day you afford me with.

My heart does magnify the Lord.

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