Are You Ready? Do You Have The Sword?

Do You Have The Sword?

Published By Deborah Negron M.A.


May 27, 2019

Luke 22:35 – 37
He said to them, “When I sent you out without wallet, pack or shoes, were you ever short of anything?” “Not a thing,” they answered. “But now,” he said, if you have a wallet or a pack, take it; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your robe to buy one. For I tell you this: the passage from the Tanakh that says, ‘He was counted with transgressors,’ has to be fulfilled in me; since what is happening to me has a purpose.” When he arrived, he said to them, “Pray that you won’t be put to the test.” He went about a stone’s throw away from them, kneeled down and prayed,

Did you Buy A Sword?
You have everything else. Do you have a sword? You have provision, but do you have the Sword?
You have plenty of Goods but do you have the Sword. Have you practiced and mastered the use of your Sword?
Have you become skillful in knowledge of how it is to be implemented.
Today we have programs. We have techniques. We have activities and we have models and systems. But do we have the weapons of our warfare?
These are not carnal. Says Paul to the Ephesians. He tells them they .must be girded. Have you made ready yourself for the constant battle?

Daily we face trials and temptations. We face decisions and roads we must take. We cannot be prepared with goods if we do not have the Map. We cannot know which direction to take unless we are guided by the Spirit.

We cannot have the Spirit of God present if there is not the Sword.
The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God.
Our greatest weapon against the wiles of satan is the Bible.

I hold in my hands this cellphone. But I am cognizant of the fact that it must be powered by an electrical charge produced by a battery that has been charged in the out let. The power that transferred through the outlet must first come from the central source of an electrical plant.

So we, are to derive our power from the main source. The main source of our understanding is the Word of God. The infusion of knowledge coupled with study and prayer, seeking God’s will and his presence in my daily life is just like this cell phone.
I cannot have what I don’tt seek. I cannot gain what I have not sought. I cannot be empowered with the truth if I do not read and bring it to my understanding. All the more I must also listen to the word of God. It must be my light and my bread.

We cannot persevere without coming to terms with our election.
We have been called to be the salt of the earth. We are to bring savour, healing, purification, cleansing and wholeness to those around us. But how can we think we can do it alone.
We have no power in ourselves. Introspection leads us to see our lacks and our weakness. Yet when we meditate on His word, we are fed. We are enlightened we are made ready. We are equipped. We are empowered. We are cleansed. We are renewed and our minds are then made in the likeness of the One who called us His Beloved.

The sword is necessary. It is the key to our success in our Christian walk. When we know the Word of God it is a source of all we need.

To the Fatherless it is the Proof of Love from our Heavenly Father.
It is the Document that states Our True Identity.
To the weary it is strength to the bones.
To the Hungry it is the Bread of Life.
You see Jesus is the sword of God. He is the Sword of The Spirit. When we read the Scriptures they provide the Truth we need to have Freedom and Live Abundantly in Victory.

In the midst of your Life’s Journey You Must Have the Sword!!!

Jesus is the Word made flesh, the word incarnate. He is the weapon of our defense. He is the source of our victory in battle. He is the one who forgets our battle. The Holy Spirit empowers us with the power of the Blood of Christ. It has the power to set us free. It enables us to be made clean. It gives us access to the throne room of God. It is our place of refuge.

The Bibke tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. But our faith must be placed in Jesus Christ. Through him we are victorious. Through him we will find our peace.

He is the Sword of Our Defense. He is the Word of God. Emmanuel with us. Yes God with us.

Psalm 119:10
Isaiah 11:14
Hebrews 4:12
Ephesians 6
Mathew 24:35

Do You Have The Sword?

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