Mercy in the Midst of This Trial

In the Midst of This Trial, this Pandemic that has hit all Across the World We See God’s Mercy Before Us. Today is the Day of Salvation!
Published by Deborah Negron
Centro de Vida – Iglesia de Dios Bridgeport, CT.
Center of Life – Church of God

April 20, 2020

Give ear to my words, O Lord ; consider my groaning. Give attention to the sound of my cry, my King and my God, for to you do I pray. O Lord , in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch. For you are not a God who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with you. The boastful shall not stand before your eyes; you hate all evildoers. You destroy those who speak lies; the Lord abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man. But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house. I will bow down toward your holy temple in the fear of you. Lead me, O Lord , in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me. For there is no truth in their mouth; their inmost self is destruction; their throat is an open grave; they flatter with their tongue. Make them bear their guilt, O God; let them fall by their own counsels; because of the abundance of their transgressions cast them out, for they have rebelled against you. But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may exult in you. For you bless the righteous, O Lord ; you cover him with favor as with a shield.
Psalm 5:1‭-‬12

Come, my people, enter your chambers, and shut your doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until the fury has passed by. For behold, the Lord is coming out from his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity, and the earth will disclose the blood shed on it, and will no more cover its slain. Isaiah 26:20‭-‬21 ESV

The Anger has been kindled…
His wrath has come.
The wickedness of evil men has reached the brim of the cup of wrath.
The enemies of God have gone too far.
They have hurt their brothers and killed their children. They have mocked the authority of God.
They sat in their lofty houses and plotted against humanity. But what they did in closed doors, the Lord was privy to. He saw their plans before they had executed their steps. Before their words escaped their mouths God saw the wickedness of their hearts.
Faces of arrogance. A desire to sit on thrones they did not inherit. God sees all. Their wickedness will not go unpunished.
Their lies, their deceit will be their demise.
They will weep as their own evil comes upon their own heads.

But what of the righteous ones?
What about those who thought of good things, what will become of them?
Will God’s anger bleed over to them?
Will he forget his lovingkindness?
Will God forget or abandon his own?
Will the wickedness of the evil ones cause his anger to surpass his love?

Rest, hide away my children.
Remember that weeping may endure for a night, but joy will come in the morning.
You will say of the Lord, For a moment he was angry, but his Mercy endures forever.
He will hide us in his pavillion. He will cover us under the shadow of his wings. He will remember the deeds of our wayward hearts no more. We who have repented and asked Him for forgiveness will see how he protects his people. We will witness how the application of the Blood of the Lamb of God is more than sufficient to save.
As the children of Israel in Egypt applied the blood of the sacrifices on their door posts, so we apply the Blood of Jesus on the door posts of our homes.
We rebuild the altar of worship within the confines of our families abode.
We sacrifice our worldly gains for eternal rewards. We consecrate our energies on things that please the Lord. We involve ourselves in the study of His word and find our Refuge in The Lord.

I hear the Lord speak,
Rest my children in the hollow of my hand.
Hide away in your homes and apply the Blood of my Son. Kneel before me and humble yourselves while the day of reckoning is here.

Rest assured the righteous will see deliverance. The just will experience his peace in the midst of this storm. More storms will come, but be ready for the Lord is a rewarder of those that diligently seek after his truth.

He says to you, today is the day of salvation. Do you want to be hidden too?
Do you want the strong arm of the Lord to cover you?
Have you surrendered to his calling and desire his forgiveness?

Jesus shed his blood for all who would acknowledge their sin, their evil wayward paths and turn to Him. Jesus can be your covering while the wrath of God executes judgment on those who have commited evil.

Come, make application of his Blood. Take hold of his love now. For there is still time. Time to be restored. There is hope in the midst of this chaos. For the Lord is merciful and will forgive those who seek him first. No good thing will he withhold from those who love him.

Cry out to the Lord while their is still time. See his power cover you and shield you ad the angel of death passes through.
Like the children of Israel when the angel of death passed through and killed all the firstborn in Egypt yet protected Israel. So the Lord God will cover you.

Repent, turn away from sin. Ask Jesus to be your covering and be forgiven of your every sin. Be made right with God today.
For the days are short. The morning is coming when only the just shall stand. Let the Lord apply his mercy and take your shame away.
Let him hide you too in his pavillion while he judges the wrongs of those who have perverted the world. Today there is still hope. Jesus is our hope.

Let the door post of your hearts be sprinkled and let this time be a time of safety for you. Then you too will cross over. You will be delivered from the hand of he enemy. You like the children of Israel will be able to walk on in the safety of the Lord.

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