There is Hope

There is Hope
Published By Sister Deborah Negron M.A.

April 2020

There is Hope
By Sister Deborah Negron M.A.

Thus has the Lord of hosts spoken: Execute true judgment and show mercy and kindness and tender compassion, every man to his brother; And oppress not the widow or the fatherless, the temporary resident or the poor, and let none of you devise or imagine or think evil against his brother in your heart. But they refused to listen and turned a rebellious and stubborn shoulder and made heavy and dull their ears that they might not hear. Yes, they made their hearts as an adamant stone or diamond point, lest they should hear the law and the words which the Lord of hosts had sent by His Spirit through the former prophets. Therefore there came great wrath from the Lord of hosts. So it came to pass that as He cried and they would not hear [He said], So they shall cry and I will not answer, says the Lord of hosts,
Zechariah 7:9‭-‬13 AMPC

Así habló Jehová de los ejércitos, diciendo: Juzgad conforme a la verdad, y haced misericordia y piedad cada cual con su hermano; no oprimáis a la viuda, al huérfano, al extranjero ni al pobre; ni ninguno piense mal en su corazón contra su hermano. Pero no quisieron escuchar, antes volvieron la espalda, y taparon sus oídos para no oír; y pusieron su corazón como diamante, para no oír la ley ni las palabras que Jehová de los ejércitos enviaba por su Espíritu, por medio de los profetas primeros; vino, por tanto, gran enojo de parte de Jehová de los ejércitos. Y aconteció que así como él clamó, y no escucharon, también ellos clamaron, y yo no escuché, dice Jehová de los ejércitos;
Zacarías 7:9‭-‬13 RVR1960

We have seen these things in the past.
Famine, war, sickness, death. We have history to confirm the various times when the earth has been oppressed by pain and suffering.
The World Wars, The Black Plague, Typhoid Fever…

The earth has been visited by the horrible pain of those who have seen their loved ones suffering. We have history to remind us of how in times past the dead had to be burned. The bodies incinerated.

Yet throughout history we see the similarities and the patterns of behavior in humankind. We are subject to our own fascination with power and control and greed. We see how some in power, choose to alleviate the suffering of those who are hurting while others capitalize on the pain they are surrounded by.

Above the earth stands the God of Heaven. He watches and chooses at times to intervene. At other moments he has seemed distant and unmoved by the suffering. Yet He is still Lord over all.

Our human minds cannot comprehend his thoughts for they are much higher than ours. Our human minds cannot fathom how much he waits patiently for humanity to seek him. He draws near when suffering comes. He waits with a desire to free us from the penalty of our own sins. Yet He is a gentleman. He gives us an opportunity to make right our wrongs. He enables some to see and to be witnesses that give us a glimpse in to his heart.

In the midst of Adversity, the God of heaven sends his word. His word comforts. His word warns. His word reaches and his word draws mankind near. Yet the stubbornness of the human heart is what detains him. His arms wide open seem closed for those who reject him.

Yet suffering is the tool, the way by which mankind looks up. When there is no hope, mankind seeks for answers in the only one who can save.
When intelligence alone and scientific methods fail to bring healing and hope. It is God who stands at the door and knocks. Will we let him in?
When the pain is so great that death seems the best option, it is the Lord who stands patiently awaiting for us to cry out and save us.

Yet he will not come rescue us until we cry out. He will not heal us unless we want to be healed. He will not relieve the pressure until we open our minds to the truth that He alone can save.

Mankind has been struck with pain, then after time they easily forget the turmoil. They turn back to wickedness. They forget about their frllowman. They allow greed and power to cloud their judgment and this the blessing of God is removed and his hand lifted. Sin runs rampant and calamity comes.
Then like clock work, like an unending cycle, a pattern of custom and tradition, mankind begins to look up wards. It is because the way in which we humans were designed was to be in communion with our Creator once again.
God designed us like a glove to a hand, a shoe to a foot. We were made to respond to our God. The enemy damaged that natural connection by introducing sin, doubt and self gratification. God created us to be dependent on him. Satan caused mankind to think that we could be fulfilled outside of a relationship with the Lord. We cannot be whole until the Potter repairs us. We cannot be fulfilled until the Lord fills our hearts.

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to be an offering and a sacrifice tha would end our perpetual pattern. Jesus came to pay the price so that we could be free of our cycle of sin. The ups and downs of failure and success and failure and success again end at the Cross.

You see at the Cross God himself made a final deposit on our Liberty. He fully paid the price to set humanity free from our deepest depravity. Our fixation with wickedness and our desire for power and greed end when we are fully washed in the blood of Jesus.
Our desire to be fulfilled and to be complete is found in Christ alone.
The sense of belonging and sustaining hope is only found in a personal relationship with Jesus.

All the money in the world does not bring peace. All the influence cannot bring a sense belonging. All the power to control others cannot bring the wellbeing that comes from being loved unconditionally by the God of Heaven.

To be forgiven of every evil thought, action and desire is greater than anything else a person could ever desire to have. To be made right with God is the single most important thing a human bring can gain.

This does not come through any effort of our won. We must admit we have sinned. We must ask the Lord Jesus to come in and clean our hearts and lives. We must repent and surrender our lives to Him. We must ask him to forgive us and to restore us.

In the midst of every time in history where calamity has come. Every season in which it appears that heaven has shut its doors. God is still patiently waiting for every person to choose to seek and to know his love.

His desire is to heal rather than to punish. His desite is to save rather than to condemn.
John 3:16 says,
For God so loved the WORLD, that means every human being, that he gave his only Begotten Son, that Whosoever, That Means You and Me Too, Brlieves in Him will not Perish, This Means Suffer Eternal Punishment, But have Everlasting Life.

In the midst of this time of stress and fear, this time of uncertainty and anguish the Lord God stands and waits for you and me to cry out to Him. He alone can Save. He alone can Forgive us. He alone can Heal Our Land.

Whether we live this physical life or whether we die, we can know His presence and Forgiveness if we Ask the Lord to Save us. Our hope is found in the Person Of Jesus Christ.
He is the Creator of the Universe. He is the Son of God. He is the Redeemer who paid the Price for our Freedom. He wants to Retore us to a Good standing with God the Father.
Won’t you allow Him to do just that?

By His Stripes we are healed. By His suffering we can receive hope and reconciliation with the Father.
I pray the Holy Spirit of God reaches your heart and in the midst of this world’s turmoil you can find the peace that God alone can offer you.

Come, let’s reason together says the Lord. Come let me heal your heart.

In the midst of life’s struggles let me be the answer to your every question.

The Lord calls to us today. Won’t you come?

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