When This Is All Over

Published by Deborah Negron M.A.
Member of Centro de Vida – Iglesia de Dios Bridgeport, Connecticut

So when this is over…
Will we go back to the same old ways?

When this is over…
Will we go back to the same old grind…
The 9 to 5, Like kids that whine?

When this is over…
Will we go back to spending so much on the mundane?

Will we spend so much on some game or simply complain?

Will we take walks on the beach and actually look at the sand?
Will we forget all the spending money on some glam. Will we still hold each other and spend time together?

When this is all over will we count our Blessings or go back to our old routines?

Will we spend time in prayer or be so busy that time will be spent on other things?

When this is all over, if it is, Lord, will I cherish more important things?
Will I consume less and love more?
Will I be concerned about my fellow man?
Will I just be worried about finances and circumstantial needs and forget the lessons we have learned during this Quarantine?

Lord God, will I cherish my family, my space and my time? Will I be grateful for my life.

Will I consider that for a time I did well with less, I survived the trial and will I then know best?

Lord God, remind us of what truly is valuable. Remind us, that by your mercy we can have access to your your throne of grace.
Lord help us not to forget that our families and friends are gifts you have blessed us with.

Lord help us to be not concerned with competition, who has more or who lives where. Help us think about that fact that we have a life and you give us your breath.
Help us to be forgiving and loving and kind.
Let us leave the grudges behind.
Let us never utter a word of the failures and the lacks in others. Let us seek your face and hold close one another.

Lord when this is over, let us love deeper,
Forgive easily and keep contact frequently.
Help us remember that we are to esteem our brother higher than ourselves.
Help us be the hands and feet of Jesus for everyone we meet.

When this is all over help us spend less with money and spend more with love.
Let us see that beauty is what we behold when we see through your eyes. For humanity was created in your image God. Each person holds an amazing value and potential and you gave yourself for all.

When this is over, will we preach and teach or will we got back to our old ways?

Will we be like rebels out of prison or like those who have learned lessons for a lifetime?
Will we take the time to speak life to everyone we meet?

Lord, When this is all over, Let us Remember your faithfulness, your mercy, your unfailing love. Let us be the lights you have called us to be.

Lord when this is all over, help us continue to be the salt that brings balance and healing, stability and savour. That the world will taste and see that the Lord is good, as we are present and demonstrating his Love,
when this is all over.

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