His Purpose, God’s Design

His Purpose, His Design

Published by Deborah Negron M.A., BS.
A Children’s Book for Abigail and Jordan, Abner Elijah and Isabella and Angelina too.
Love, Nana to some and Titi to others
December, 2019

The caterpillar crawled around…
I’m so little, almost unseen.
It did not know it’s true identity.
It walked about, climbing here and there
afraid of what would be.

We too often, lose our way.
We lose focus and stray,
We may wonder, like that caterpillar did,
If there is at all, value there, within.

But nature’s plan was set in motion. God’s design would soon be seen.
Confusion was but a waste of time.
For as the Good Creator predetermined,
The little Caterpillar, soon discovered.

It felt the hunger deep within…
It ate and ate until it was ready to rest.
It spun and spun until,
a bed for itself it made.
Yes, in to it, In to a Chrysalis it went…
For some time it slept, and slept.
For some time to grow.
A transformation soon, it did undergo.
The rest was over and then it made
It’s way out of the transformation stage.

To her surprise, Oh me, Oh my!
The one who wondered what would be…
The who pondered and doubted
was now set free,
It reached the pinnacle of its reason to BE… A Beautiful Butterfly was now seen…
Just as the Creator designed it to be.

For God knows you.
you a dearly loved.
For He made you, he designed you
to be you and nothing more…
You are uniquely and wonderfully made.

God created you with a plan.
He designed a special task for you, alone.
You are precious, you have value…
You are worth more than you can Imagine.
Jesus died, to make you His own.
He thinks highly of you, so…
He designed you for His glory…
For you to fly free, run and soar.
That you would give God all the glory
as this life you live so sure.

You are Amazing, Creative, Delightful, Wonderful You!

Thinking of Psalm 139

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