What To Vote For

Published by Deborah Negron M.A., B.S.

So many things to vote for…
I vote for Freedom of religion.
I vote for freedom to share my faith.
I vote for justice ro be done for the unborn.
I vote for children to have the life they have been afforded by God.
I vote for Blacks and Hispanics, Whites and Asians all to get along.
I vote for men to be men.
I vote for women to be women.
I vote for this crazy confusion to be gone.
I vote for people to live in harmony
regardless of ethnicity.
I vote for teachers to teach academics…
And Parents to parent their kids.
I vote for discipline in schools
and discipline in the media.
I vote for pornographic minds to be censored and those speaking truth to be heard.
I vote for a country undivided
by political unrest.
I vote for Liberty.
But Liberty has a price.
For our Liberty there was blood shed.
There were lives lost for this we call Freedom.
It was not for this free for all, we see.
People sharing their negative propaganda.
Talking about equality for me and women. I don’t think I need to be liberated.
I was born a female…
A woman that’s me.
I’m not confused about what I should be.
There are things I can do
that a man can never do.
Try pushing out a baby…
Or feeding them from my breast.
Try being able to manage the home, the check book and the house even when the man is gone.

Oh this freedom means I can rely on God and not myself. Since He knows what he made me to be.
So, make sure your vote is counted. Make sure your voice is heard. Don’t complain later if you didn’t say a word.

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