Latinos, Hispanos, Latins and Hispanics

Get a grip. Did you know that we comprise more than we think within the population of the United States.

Of the 329,742,577 Million people estimated in the United States, we are between 52 to 58 million according to the new statistics for US Census Bureau.

We are a huge number that is not well represented in our systems of government.

We make up a huge number when it comes to what we can and should be involved in.
We are numerous and talented, intelligent and gifted by God. If you consider that more than any other language in the world Spanish is Spoken the Most.

So, stop take this information in and then look to God. We should have a voice, but without faith in God, without being aware of the attacks the enemy has set up for the minorities in society we cannot move.

We must first repent of our lack of drive. We need to repent for going along with the flow of Hollywood and the Social Media that pulls us down. The great majority of hispanics have a faith in God. We have a Christian background, we have grown up which gives us the knowledge that there is a God watching and keeping us throughout our lives. Sadly, some of us have forgotten out roots. This has caused to become unaware and unprepared to move and progress in society.

But today, is a new day. It’s time for Latinos and Hispaics to step up. Enough is enough. The way social media is perverting the minds of children, for one, confusing their identity.
We are known for making sure are boys know about being men. We all celebrate the birth of a son. The one that carries the family name brings a great joy to the family.
We love making sure that our daughters know how to navigate the kitchen and keep the household. We want our daughters to enjoy being females. We enjoy the weddings and the white dresses. We enjoy the parties and dressing them for their first dance. We love to see our boys and girls thrive in sports and grow up and have their own families.

The onslaught of attacks on the minds of kids is awful these days. From violent video games that cause them to become unable to thrive without violence, to causing them to follow the trends of confused youth who have somehow lost their identity.

We see doctors who poll once claimed they helped people now taking advantage of our population by prescribing countless medications that have terrible side effects that debilitate our elderly before their time.

We love our varied cultures and to share our language freely. This is the Land of the Free.

How come we do not hear anyone say, Learn Spanish! It is one of the most spoken languages in the Entire World.

I am not the one to minimize our identity, and I love my country The United States of America!
But come on people,
Let’s say No to Abortion is not for our people.
Let’s say No to Identity Confusion.
Let’s say No to The Belittling of Our Children.

If your children are in school, if they can learn another language besides English, let them take Spanish in School.
Let them master the ability to speak their tongue.

So many cannot, we can learn the English and Keep our Spanish.

How come we cower down and act like we are somehow less. You Are one of 58 Million Latinos living in this free country.

We have a democratic Nation. We have a Voice. Use your voice Mother and Father. Use yours Teacher and Lawyer. Use your voice Doctor and Construction Worker, Use your voices Pastors and Leaders.

We will all have to give an account about what We did with What He gave us.

You are a Beautiful People, varied and different, of various colors and ethnicities. We are Unique in this. We are Diverse. This is a Strength not a Weakness.

You do not have to be disenfranchised. Get involved. A way you can get involved is through your faith community.

Find a Local Church, A church that teaches about the Love of God, the need for us to have a knowledge that we are sinners but Jesus, God’s Son came to make us right with God.
These are some of our most foundational beliefs,

We believe that marriage is for a man and woman. We believe that children should be taught to be who they are, not bombarded by ideas of adults who are confused.

Come Latinos let’s make it known.

We too are the people for the people.

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