A Good Friend Set Me Straight

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September 20th, 2019

By Deborah Negron M.A., B.S.

A good Friend Set Me Straight

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul.
Proverbs 27:9

Too often we are waiting for someone else to bring happiness, joy, relief stress and bring a sense of hope to our lives.

We are often to focused on the problem to see we have been given power. Yes, power.
We all have breath in out Lungs. We have a new day. We have a new opportunity to take steps that will bring about change.

But we look at the illness.
We look at the issue. We look at the circumstance. We consider the many negative opinions. The overwhelming thoughts that bombard the mind can often take over.

There is hope. We have to take charge. We have to make some proactive changes. Believe it or not, unless you are trapped in some dungeon, you can start taking some measures that can bring about change.

A few years ago, I was feeling sick, tired, lethargic, low energy. Not depressed or such but just physically shot. I was also going through some serious stressors. Focused on the stressors I did not watch my diet. Worried about my personal life, I dis not guard my health. This brought about some consequences.

I developed Anemia and also a lack of Vitamin D and B 12 caused the issues I was experiencing.

A dear friend handed me a piece of her mind. She pushed for me to go get a physical.
The stress, plus my poor self care was making me feel run down.

It took months to undo the damage I had caused myself with a poor diet.
Thankfully and in gratitude to God for good friends, I changed my routine.

I began to watch how I was eating. I began to take supplements and to consider not just the issues of life but this gal. I began to think about how I could help change my outcomes.

Diet, supplements, and a good solid faith in God, helped me come out of my debilitated state.

I began to feel better. Six months down the line I was not lethargic, tired and run down.

A simple step to acknowledge my poor self care helped me change.

Also, I became accountable to this friend by telling her what I was doing, eating, not doing and lacking on.

God affords us with some good ways to bring change.
Today, maybe you have to take a walk to feel better. Get a bit of sunshine. Or maybe like me, take a trip to the medical doctor to check your levels for all of these…
Vitamin D3, B 12, Iron and others you may think of.

I pray you take charge, go out there and make some positive changes.
Say hello to a new day, a new friend or neighbor, a new diet…
I pray you get it, Take a hold of your life and Go Make A Change.

Come on think on it.
Act on it, Just Do It.

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