I Can Change My Outlook!

Some people get depressed when the sun is not out…
They complain about the darkness and the feelings of lack of energy.
It is all in the outlook. It is all in how we choose to see the world.

I know someone very close to me who was told about a diagnosis he chooses to ignore.

No I am not talking about denial. I am not talking about mind over matter. I am talking about a Faith that God is still in control. That weeping may endure for a night but joy will come in the morning.

I am talking about such a positive self talk that He chooses not to allow the darkness of the situation to overwhelm him. No, it is not because he has never been ill. On the contrary he has battled with mental illness most of his adult life.
But this guy has chosen to place his hope in God. He believes that If God allows something, it is not our place to question it.
But his resolve is, to Trust God even in the middle of the storms of life. Even in the midst of the negative diagnosis.

I am simply not there yet. Believe me, I have a long way to go. Sometimes the past creeps up and it is a fight to put it to rest. But having Faith in the God who is able to tell the storms of life to cease and be still. He is able to calm the winds and stop the crashing waves.
Why He can even be sleeping in the boat and yet still be in control.

My prayer is that you and I both may get to that place where we trust God for all our tomorrows and stop worrying. His grace is sufficient for our each new day. God’s mercy is new every morning. He is faithful.

Today, I do not know what battle you are facing or what bridge you have to cross. I do not know the past that may haunt you or the illness that may plague your frame.
But I know the one who is able to restore the broken hearted and heal the wounded soul. I know the one who can make all things work together for the good of those that love and trust Him. Jesus is the Master of the Wind.
He is the one who is able to carry through the trials of this life. He is also able to bring you in to the peace his presence brings.

Psalm 46:10

Today My Outlook Is In My Hands.

I can choose to look back and be saddened and shaken again. Or I can choose to Live Life for this Moment. I can be grateful the Sun is behind those storm clouds. Even if I cannot see it, it is still there.

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