Cleanse Me, Renew Me, Let The Purity of Your Love Shine Through Me

Published by Deborah Negron M.A. B.S.

October 7, 2014

Dross: the impurities found in molten silver or gold or other precious metal. It is found when the metal is heated to its highest degree and it becomes a liquid. Then the impurities float or fall off and the metal can be cleansed and its value becomes greater.

The Dross Remove from Me,
that I may shine forth your beauty Lord.

The Dross and all impurity
That I may bring you honor.

Remove the mass of fear and doubt
That cloud my thoughts, unsettling.

Past hurts and shame and pain,
Cause my memory to erase.

Alas let me recall the day you came
And saved me.

Out of the muck and mire,
A vessel fit for worship.

You drew the darkness out
And gave me light abundant.

Refine my life, Oh Lord, that I may bring you glory.

For in you I find my worth
When you rewrote my story.

Amazing Grace ’tis sweet the sound….
The day you gave heaven’s treasure to me.

No longer I live for myself, but because of
Calvary’s victory.

No grave, no stone could hold you down,
You rose for me victorious.

Oh praise the King, oh Praise my Lord…
The dross is gone, I am now free…
I live to give him glory.

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