By Grace

Saved by grace
Not by mine own hand
Saved by grace
not by the many words of mine own mouth
Saved by grace
Not by mine own good deeds

My thoughts deceived me
They thought somehow that I
presented as worthy
Yet the truth of God’s mercy
Is made evident in me
For having no true value
In mine own self
God’s grace was extended to me.

Feeble minded and weak
Ill prepared to walk forwards in his path
He found me
Restored me and made me new
Grace was my unmerited reward
For death was the wage
deserved for mine iniquity
Punishment would have been
My just recompense

But God’s grace, his unmerited favor,
His eternal love was given unto me.
Oh that men would see and have their eyes opened…
Oh that all would experience his unchaging love. The desire of the soul is now to praise Him
For this sinner has been made whole.
DN. 8.10.2012

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