My Minds on The Things From Above

Where my mind is there is my heart.
The things I focus on will either build up my faith or tear me down. I have been given the responsability of deciding. Its up to me. If I am bombarded by negativo thought, I Will look yo the Word of God to re alien me to what is the truth.

The Bible is my Guide. I choose to live proactively. I will not seek external affir.ations. My meditations will be on what the Lord has said to me. If I choose this day to seek the Lord, He will be present.

If I choose to hold on to His promises I will not falter. If I am cognizant of my need of God, I will cling to Him. So, some have said that faith is a crutch. Good. It is what keeps me standing. Some have said it is for the week. Good, I do not have to rely on my own strength for God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. Some belittle the process, but the outcome I’d the Lord’s. So from here on end, count me among those who hold fast to the one who gives this Word of Life. He sustains me. I do not have to have it all together, He does. He is my peace. He is my shield. He is my Hope and who I depend on.

My security is found in Christ. I can trust in the God of my salvation. He will finish what he has already begun in me.

So, Heaven is my final destination…my objective is to please the Lord. To trust in the one who orders my steps and who gives me His peace. My desire is that others would know that there is hope in Jesus. Yes, my mind is on things above. This gives me the wherewithal to stand, to kneel and to pray and to also walk with this assurance. God’s plan will be made true for me.

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