I Thank God for The Hard Days

Published By Deborah Negron

July 3, 2018

There are lessons in life I would have failed to learn if it had not been for hard days.

There are moments in this life one cannot ever forget because of the sorrow and great loss one has had to face.

Then there are days that have been used of God to cause us to turn to Him.

So tonight, I thank the Lord for the difficult days.

I thank Him for the days of thirst,
For now He has become my living water.

I thank Him for the days of hunger…
For He became my Bread of Life.

I thank the Lord for my loneliness,
Because He became the Friend that sticks close than a brother.

I thank God for the days when I was lost,
Because it was then He became The way for me to follow.

I am grateful for the moments of weakness,
For He has been my strength in my weakest times.

I thank God for the days Where I was dead in sin, for it was then that Christ became the Giver of New Life for me.

I thank The Lord that He took me out of darkness and became the Light in my Life

Oh I am cognizant that in the days of lacking He became my Greatest Treasure.

Thank you Jesus.

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