So Let it Rain

Here is a verse I am learning to appreciate more and more.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

I began to think of all the ways rain is beneficial to us. I myself, I love the rain. When some people seem to get down on a rainy day, I feel just fine. I will admit, I do not like driving g far in the rain. But this is because my eyes are not all that great anymore.

I had someone I know, ask the question, Does anyone really like the rain?

I really do love the rain. The rain is beautiful. It causes so much to change, to happen. It changes the color of things. It brings nutrients to the soil by watering the ground. It cleans the atmosphere. It is good for when our allergies are bad. It pushes the pollen down. So, I can breathe and not have issues with asthma.

Rain is marvelous for trees and plants. It fills the reservoirs so, we can have water to drink, bathe clean things, cook and so much more.

The crops grow when there is appropriate rainfall. When there is a drought it affects the crops. It affects the economy and so many other things.

God sends rain over the wicked and the good. Over the sinner and the saint.
It is a constant reminder of God’s provision. I love The Rain.

I used to take my kids out and dance in the rain. It was amazing. Try it on a hot summer day. When it rains, run out and dance in it. 💞 it makes me feel freeee…

Being positive is a good thing.

Being narrow minded narrow minded and negative brings a person’s outlook down. This may sometimes come from our needs or lacks. It can come from the issues we may be facing at any given time. Life stressors can cause us to have a limited view. I get it.

I can understand why frustration grows in view of situations that can arise. A job loss, a lost friendship. A break in some relationship can bring down our perspective. Illness, a death, a loss of some capacity or ability can change the way we see life.

But I am proposing we take a different path. Let’s not be the pessimist. This is hard to do when we are facing g real life issues. I know. I am suggesting more than just an outlook on life. I am pointing you to Someone who can change all your days. Give you a reason to feel grateful to be alive. It’s more than. Just a optimist mentality.

It is much more than that.

When a person comes to have faith in their Creator and in the one who has given everything for them there is a change not only of a mindset.

There is a change of heart. When we are in a right relationship with Jesus. We count our Blessings. We begin to see life with a different perspective.

I recently I hurt my knee. I have been in bed rest and not being able to really function normally. The first day, I confess, it was was heck.

I cried of pain, I was sad, angey and felt helpless. But my relationship with God caused me to look to him for my answers. I began to ask God for help. Then I prayed. I asked the Lord to show me what lesson there was I needed to learn in this process.

I recall the verse that came to mind was so clear. “Be Still and Know That I am God. It is the first past of Psalm 46:10.

For someone who was not in control for a long time, due to a negative relationship. This is hard. To be still, means I have to surrender my will. Submit to someone else caring for me.

You know what I learned. I learned that I have a pride issue. I’m not prideful and full of myself. I mean, I am not arrogant. Nor do I treat anyone poorly, however, I do not like to ask for help. I do not like to complain. I tend to suck it up and stay quiet when I am hurting.

I learned to let my family help me. I learned to receive the love they came to give me. My mom Luchy Negron and dad came to help me. My dear sister/friend Cassandra went to pick my parents up for me.
My dear friends and brother and sister in the faith, Joe and his wife Sonia came and visited me. They even went to my child’s graduation.

Listen, I saw the love of God in them. I learned, I need to be grateful and count my Blessings more.

I asked the Lord to forgive me for my lack of humility in this area. I am an empathetic person so I tend to easily give, or be there for others. But my trouble is in receiving. I don’t ever want to be accused of being needy. So, for this reason, I don’t ask for help.

I learned that when I accept love, I am allowing others to be the Lord’s hands and feet. Imagine that, we are blessed when we can bless others.

God has a way of teaching us lessons we would never otherwise, learn if things go our way. Yet when they go another way we finally get it.

So, chin up. Ask the Lord to help you “Dance in the Rain”

Count your blessings…

Your family or friends, your church community, your co workers, your ability to see another day. Come on it is Therapeutic to be grateful. And accept the help and love of others.

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