Healing – What We Can Do To Make It Happen

Healing – What We Can Do To Make It Happen

Published by Deborah Negron

May 17, 2019

God has given us such an amazing world. The body has certain needs that help it to function at it’s most optimum capacity. Water, minerals and nutrients help the human body to regulate itself. However our typical American diet often times lacks so much. It causes deficits in our body’s systems. These deficits affect our sense of well being. They affect mood, energy, stamina and can cause major problems.

For some, the weather or seasons also take a toll on the body’s chemistry. Our eating changes in the winter time. This can affect the way our body functions. Feelings of depression may increase with a lack of sufficient water. Water moves nutrients in the blood stream. We tend to drink less water. Since our bodies require it for every system it begins to move slower, becomes weak and can develop symptoms that affect even our thought patterns.

The seasonal changes bring about some physiological chemical changes that can affect mood. Feelings of lethargy and withdrawing from the world seem to hit many people toward the end of a long winter. Sometimes mid Winter the symptoms begin and appear to increase by the Spring.

So here are some tips to getting back on track. I pray and hope these help you gauge your own feelings and body.

1. Make an Appointment with your primary doctor. Ask to have your levels checked for,

– Vitamin B1 – It helps the body use glucose as energy, B-3 – Niacin – is good for the digestive system and regulating the nervous system as well as to generate healthy nails and skin.

B-6 Helps the body systems regulation and helps with the production and upkeep of neurotransmitters in the brain. These affect thought and other brain functions.

B-12 helps the body with Red Blood cell production. This can lead to Anemia. This means when the body iron levels become low and there is no oxygenation to the cells. Hence this is an essential nutrient. It helps with brain function and bring able to have energy.
A lack of B-12 will bring about problems with energy levels, it can cause brain fog, inconsistent thoughts. It can make a person forgetful and it can bring mood swings.

– Vitamin D- it also helps regulate many systems including the absorption of calcium in the body. It can be produced in the body when there is ample sunlight intake. This becomes difficult in the winter as people spend less time in the sun due to cold temperatures.
Vitamin D helps with bone development and strength. It is linked with mood and energy levels as well.

Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid- necessary for tissue regeneration and repair of all body membranes. Every organ has a membrane that holds it together. Vitamin C provides the body the fuel that generates these. A quick way to check is look at your hair, skin and nails. The healthier these are depends on your vitamin C intake.

Have your doctor check for Ferritin levels, this is a protein that helps regulate the iron distribution in the body at the intracellular level. When it is low the iron may not be reaching its destination well.

Iron – an essential mineral that regulates the oxygenation of every cell in the body. It helps every system. It helps with lung function, the heart, the limbic system, brain function. A lack of it can bring about problems in every area of a person’s body. Iron binds to oxygen and brings oxygen to every body system.
It must be taken with Vitmain C to work at it’s best.

So, stop, analyze your body. Analyze your mood. See if these may be some of the reasons why you feel over tired, not willing to enjoy anything. Ask yourself, could it be my diet, my sun intake or lack of sun?
The Amazing Body God gave us can be helped by God’s green earth.

Another Tip-

2. Get a Sun Lamp-

For some people who have what they call SADs Seasonal Affectective Disorder these levels tend to be extremely low after a long winter.

When you have the Sunlight Lamp, sit under it for about 30 minutes a day.

It can be a relaxing time, maybe read a book or listen to music and sit under the light. You will find the mood lifts and when the levels are right, you will feel much better.

3. Make time to take care of your Spirit.
Read God’s word.
Google positive scriptures about hope and blessing. Read God’s word the Bible.

Psalm 4. — Romans 8
Psalm 23 — Ephedians 6
Psalm 27 — John 1
Psalm 37 — Hebrews 11
Psalm 84 — Mathew 4
Psalm 91 — Mathew 5
Psalm 121 — Mathew 6

4. Make time to pray.
Talk to your Creator. Ask the Lord to reveal himself to you, to your situation. Cry out to him in your hour of distress.
I promise you, Spending time in God’s presence is great therapy.

5. If after you have done all this feelings of depression persist. See a professional. Talk to someone. You are not alone.

Many of the people we read of in the

Bible suffered depression.
Depression does not define you. It may be what brings you closer to understanding that God loves you.
Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life.
In him you can find rest for your weary anxious soul.

May the Lord give you wisdom as you seek healing Inside and out.

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  1. Thank you for the helpful tips especially the scriptures
    Praise the Lord in the Storm!!
    We are not alone in this


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