Access To Freedom

Published By Deborah Negron

May 5, 2018

Hebrews 6:19-20

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf, having become a high priest forever after the order of Melchizedek.There is nothing more reassuring than knowing we have access. When they handed me the let’s to my new apartment. I felt two things…
First, I felt somehow accomplished and secondly, I felt satisfied with the blessing of being able to have one on my own.

As a single person, making my own decision and bring able to come and go and arrange and organize as I wanted. And all this without hindrance.

When I was given my degree at graduation I also felt a sense of acquiring a position that I did not have before. A level of gratification and a sense of being part of something greater than myself.

When I was given the news that I had a child and that he was healthy and was just fine. I was overwhelmed with a sense of having something of my own, precious and pure and a great resposability as a parent. For my second child child I had desired to have a girl, and when she was placed in my arms I thought, this has got to be the best day of my life.

When we have had new privileges and new experiences that we consider valuable in life it makes us feel somehow accepted and approved and valued.

But on today, I can recall the day that I came back to the Lord. The day I received the forgiveness of my sin. That day has to be one of the most amazing days of my life.

I received something that was simply a true gift. I had not earned this one. I had not worked hard toward. It was not because of some act or great effort on my part. The day was a Sunday in the Spring 1989.
I had grown up in church. A preacher’s kid.    I had ministered many times with my parents. I had gone to church every Sunday of my life, I think, since I was born. But this was because of my parents.

I had walked away from the path away attempted life on my own. As if I could make it without the Lord.

But this particualr Sunday, I went to the service. There was no loud preaching. The sermon was not even extremely profound. It was a clear simple gospel message that was read from notes that had been read from the pastors notebook.  The speaker lacked in so many ways. But that message was clear, pure and cutting in to my very soul.
As the preacher read, he stated, Oh Prodigal, it’s high time, you come home. Oh, Prodigal there is still a seat at the table. No one can take your place. Oh Prodigal God is married to the backslider.
For some reason, this message reminded me of the great mercy of God. The Holy Spirit moved in mercy heart and I began to weep. I had known what it was to walk in faith. I had the scriptures ingrained in my memory banks forever. But on that day, the Lord looked at my condition and my misery. He had mercy on my soul, even though I had sinned and was alienated from God, He called me. He drew me. He loved me enough to open his arms for me.


That is all it took. I walked to the altar and there I knelt before the Lord.  Access, the Keys of the Kingdom.
Access, to the Authority to move and act with freedom.

Access, to be in Communion with God on the daily.

Access to come and be Forgiven, Restored, Renewed, Remade.

Access to be a part of the Family of God.

No loner an outcast. I was Accepted.

I was given Access, no longer alone and without purpose. Now I was given entrance in to the God Purposed Door for Me.

Oh Jesus, because of the cross we can have Access. Because of the Cross of Calvary we can have a place at your table.

Because of the sacrifice on that cross, I can have forgiveness for every sin committed. I can have the assurance that you sit at set the hand of the Father intereceding for me.

Oh Lord Jesus, thank you for we no longer need a go between. We no longer need a priest to be the intermediary.

You became our High Priest.

You came to take the place of the Sacrifice aswell. You became sin for us.
You gave your life to give us eternity.

You gave your life to die for our redemption.
You Rose on the Third Day. You Defeated Death and the Grave.
You Became the Door of Access to the Throne Room of Grace.



Thank you for the ACCESS.

Thank you for Becoming the Anchor for Our Souls. The Safe Ground, The Rock that is Higher than we are. Thank you Lord.

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