Published by Deborah Negron

April 21, 2019

He is not among the dead…

He kept that promise…

What He had said…

He is not here, no longer hurting,

No longer bruised.

He is Victorious.

He is no longer suffering…

He Rose Again,

He is Now the Living King!

He no longer bears the weight of our sin, He pinned it all on the cross for you and me.

The manger, the cross and death is gone. Now the perpetual story has begun.

Jesus is risen from the dead and life eternal is ours instead.

Forgiveness of sin and life abundant…

Freedom from shame and sinful torment.

A newness of life and divine appointment, for those who believe in Him only.

He alone is the way, the truth and the life.He alone has the power to give eternal life.

He restores the broken and the darkness he replaces with his marvelous life.

You will have a life of joy and pe as ce and His assurance, that in each trial he will be present with you.

Jesus is our Lord and Saviour…

The assuring Counselor, The mighty God, the Prince of peace and the Everlasting Father.

He will cleanse you from your din,

He will come and live within.

He will give you his Holy Spirit to live your life to the fullest.

He has already paid the price.

He has already given his life.

He has set the captive free and this is for you and this is for me.

Glory to God in the Highest!

Peace on earth has been tobus given.

The gift of Jesus is the greatest.

He is not dead, No, He has Risen.

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