If The Sinner Could Tell You For Himself, He Might Say…

Published By Deborah Negron

January 27, 2013

Oh stop telling me its gonna all be alright.

Stop telling me the world is gonna have a brighter day.

Stop telling me that the stocks will go up, That the market will get better…

Stop telling me that there will be peace when I’m surrounded by war…

Don’t fool yourself thinking the media or that religion can bring us hope.

Tell me the truth. Tell me this sin sick world is only going to get worse.

Tell me that there is no hope except in the one who made all things. Tell me about the Master, the Creator, tell me about Redemption.

Tell me that my sins can be forgiven and my garments made white as snow.

Tell me that I could have beauty for ashes, though my waywardness has dragged me far into despair.

Tell me that there is a heaven and that there is a hell.

Don’t sugar coat the truth because the lies will lead us into perdition, chaos and damnation.

Tell me that there’s still an opportunity for those that choose to be restored.

Tell me that my life could be different and that there is a future in Christ.

Tell me politics won’t save me neither rituals, nor symbolism.

Tell me Jesus is the way, the truth and the life…

I want to know the truth. I want to hear the truth. I May not believe you at first. The wet 1st I may reject you, Don’t give up on me.

I may not be , pray for me… That God, would draw me, keep me and save me.

Let me see how you love, when others hate. Let me see how you give when others take.

Let me see how forgiveness is what you practice, and not just what you preach.

Let me see Jesus really living in you… Convince me that your faith is true.

I really wish you would show me the truth.

This is what the center would spray and say, If he / she knew what grace was truly about.

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