The Complexity of Life…

Published by Deborah Negron

March 21, 2015

Thoughts of the Complexity of Love

Forgiving, forgetting, putting it all behind. Counting the blessings rather than the losses…
Looking at lost time with determination to gain restitution.
Observing that time is little and love is much and making the efforts to connect and restore. Loving profoundly, covering a multitude of sins by the sheer desire to mend and heal.

Let us love as Jesus loved. He wasted no time. He came and offered himself as an example. Let us love and not hold disdain.

The little girl who was wronged by her father, forgives. Though he never acknowledges at all what he did.

The man who’s wife has rejected him after countless let downs, the man loves her still. He wants to love her but fails her still.

The woman whose strength is gone as her wayward child did not come home last night, waits with great expectancy and hope, praying her child is alright and makes it home.

The father whose son has distanced himself becoming to busy to even connect, still shows his boys trophies and talks of his son’s achievements. He still shows pride in his boy.

She sits there listening and offers a hand, though her hands are feeble and weak. She still holds her daughter when she has been hurt. She deeply feels every wound her child has felt and prays for God to protect, hold and be her daughter’s strength.

Love welcomes the boy home after he has wasted a life. Yet a reunion is celebrated when her son is released. He was no hero, no good deed he’s done. He had been imprisoned for his wrongs and his crime. Yet she smiles and embraces him. She offers him love. She says to everyone he is still, my son.

She holds her her teddy and says I wish he was here, I know he can’t forget about me, I am his. Her eyes full of tears as she defends, he is my daddy, he still loves me. He just can’t be here.

Love does not demand. It gives without end.
The wounded still hurt, but hope endlessly.

She’s battered, she is bruised her wounds are within and the ones without have already healed. She still hopes that man will love who she is. She dresses up and looks her best to win his attentions still. She is the victim. He is the abuser, the man who stood and vowed, he’d always cherish her.

The child still loves her mother who’s put her in harm’s way. She still wants a relationship when mom’s sought her own way. The child has been left alone and and mom has failed to protect. Yet still this child loves her mom and wants her there on her wedding day.

Oh what mere perceptions we have of true love….

We need to see God’s love above. He loves profoundly and does not waiver at all. He corrects and chastises yet holds us with kit gloves. He sustains us even when we have gone astray. He delivers us from despair when we have put ourselves to shame. Oh How His love is great.
He longs to make things new. God’s love is perfect and it is for me and for you.
We stand at a standstill… we don’t know what to do. He waits patiently loving us and making a path for us to walk.
If we consider that he gave his all for us. We can allow him to heal and restore us. We can let him become the Father, the husband, the brother and the friend. He can be all things to all men. But we must first come broken and receive his gift of love and let our sins come under His precious blood.
We need to live our lives and love as he loves. forgiving others and loving them in spite of their wrongs. We need to let his life shine through our own and then we will feel how he heals our hurts each day.

Jesus, humans have the innate ability to hold on to hope…
You have given us the desire to grow and to seek again.
You have equipped every person with the ability to begin again.let spring be a time when we shake off past hurts and choose life instead of hate. Let us band together and not stay away. Let us let go and start a fresh.
Jesus, help us to be free of past pain. Help us to live in the newness that is ours to gain.

You forgave us our sins. You have given us the hope of eternity. Let us push forward and not stay behind.
Yes we have been hurt. Yes we have been put down. Yes we have failed and made countless mistakes. But let Love prevail! Let life be made new! Allow us to see this all in you!

You alone can cause us to let things go. You can draw us to love and to come close. Draw us near oh Jesus. Draw us near to you. I pray joy and peace and health and hope.
I pray you enpower us to forgive and love.
Jesus only you can do it by your Spirit come.
Remove self and doubt.
Remove pain and strife.
Replace hate with love and joy from above.
Come restore us now, this is my heart cry! Help us Jesus, Help us Lord, I pray.

Psalm 46 Talks about how God is our help in troubled times.

Rev. Derrick Harkins spoke on this psalm and was quoted in the Washington Post in 2011.

He said the following…

I know in spite of life struggles and the situations we all face at one time or another, God is faithful. He cares and is here for you and me.

For further reading and comfort in hard times, the following is the actual article that recorded the event and the message. May it bless your life.

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