He Loves Me

Published By Deborah Negron

March, 2018

Read it with a Southern rhythmic tone

Ain’t that good looking anymore…
Years gone on and so I go…
Go on livin’, I go on walkin’…
Thought there’d be nothin’ more for me…
The years were passin’..
The days seemed shorter…
Yet somehow you made it happen…
You turned my weepin’
Into dancin’
All that hurtin’
Now’s been forgotten.

Only you can see beauty in ashes…
Only you can give joy to the barren.
Only you can restore to my face the smilin’
Only you can make this girl think of tryin’
Yes I’m gonna pick up my face
and start Livin’…
I’m gonna pick up my feet and start walkin’
I’m gonna surely do some more talkin’
Yes I am!
See you turned me sorrow into gladness.
You took away my fears
and gave me peace of mind.
You straightened my crooked paths
and made me right.

So ya’ll gonna hear me shoutin’…
Yes, ya’ll gonna see me jumpin’…
Ya might even catch me cryin’
No, not tears of sadness but tears of joy.
I ve found my reason
To praise the Lord.
His goodness fills me.
His love envelops me.
His presence holds me…
I am beloved.

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